What scouts are looking for

The first day of the 2011 Area Code Baseball Games presented by New Balance is around the corner, it is a couple of days away. Prior to the tryouts beginning we did a feature on what to do at an Area Code Baseball tryout and we thought we would take a look at those five things one more time prior to the games starting. These are important in any event, and will play an important role this upcoming week, especially when players are trying to set themselves apart.

  • Poor body language/disposition: This is a no brainer. Baseball is a sport based in failure. Think about the best in the game succeed 30% of the time. That means 70% of the time you are going to fail, it's going to happen. The difference here is how players deal with it. When you throw equipment, kick the dirt or hang your head (there are more examples) you are showing that you cannot deal with the adveristy. Scouts and college coaches are looking at everything, and I mean everything. It is good to show emotions, but keep them in check.

  • Overbearing parents: This may be more of a tryout issue because the parents are so close to the action. But, there have been instances that parents find coaches and talk about playing time. Seriously, yes, parents have talked about playing time. Over the course of the week each team will play five games. The coaches know this and will divide the time accordingly. It is not good protocol to visit the duggout and ask about playing time.

  • Disrespecting coaches/players/umpires: Everyone is watching all the time and taking notes. If a teammate makes an error, pick him up. Don't put him down. Everyone is going to be nervous out there, and it's not like playing in a high school game. And remember to respect the umpires. Yes, it's a game and a team will have won and the other will have lost. But, it's not the seventh game of the World Series and if you feel the umpire blew a call, it's ok. Remember, there is adversity in this game, deal with it. Have respect for everyone on the field, yourself, your teammates, the coaches and the umps.

  • Pay attention: The coaches are there to help you. They are there to help on the field and with the process off the field. Also, you have the opportunity to attend the MLB Symposium. Pay attention there. The information you receive throughout the entire week is there for you. This is a process and at times a long process. They are going to help get you through it, but you need to communicate with them.

The games start this week and it should be fun for everyone. That's not to say you shouldn't work hard. Remember this week is about you and you will take center stage in whatever you do. Make the most of it.