Rangers start in Weatherford

Land at Dallas' DFW Intnerational and drive about an hour and half West you end up in the small town of Weatherford. For another year the Texas Rangers start their tryouts at Weatherford College. It seems that pitching is strong every year in Texas, and the Rangers bring a solid staff each year. They have had a team since 1998 and to name a few of the arms to play on the Rangers: Josh Beckett, Clayton Kershaw, Homer Bailey and Jordan Walden. Try hitting those guys in high school.

There were some standouts at the workout and the first one to come to mind was Nick Williams of Ball (Galveston, Texas). Williams played in 2010 for the Rangers and roamed the outfield.

Another standout outfielder was Austin Aune from Argyle (Argyle, Texas). Great athlete with a good arm. He is a football kid as well.

Willie Schwanke attended the tryout last year and just fell short of making the 201 Rangers. This year, however, he made the afternoon cut and showed great improvement from last year. He improved upon his skills and the big thing is he got stronger. When he was on the mound, he got up to 91mph. It was great to see this improvement.

The Rangers had 140 players in Weatherford and there is still one more workout, in Houston, to go. There will be around another 140 players at Baseball USA and from there a roster of around 25 will me built. It wouldn't be a surprise if the Rangers bring a smaller roster, last year they brought 22.

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