A look at numbers: Day 1

We all love numbers when it comes to sports. We love the stats, especially those who play fantast sports online. This week at the Area Code Baseball Games presented by New Balance, TrackMan is in attendance and like last year will provide us with some interesting numbers.

Highest exit speed:

Here we have the numbers of the ball coming off the bat. Remember these players are using wood bats so the exit speed will be slower in comparison to the aluminum bats.

  • Kevin Ross (White Sox), Nathan Mikolas (White Sox) and Courtney Hawkins (Rangers) had the highest exit speed at 100mph. Only Ross got a single on the play.

  • Courtney Hawkins and Clint Coulter were listed three times each of the players with the top exit speeds. Hawkins posted 100, 95 and 93. Coulter posted 97, 93 and 92.

The longest hit on day 1 came from Clint Coulter, who blasted on 353 feet. That was good enough for a double. Gavin Cecchini (Rangers) was the only other player (out of 10) who had a hit. His 254 foot shot also got him a double.

On day 1, Ty Hensley (White Sox) had the hardest fastball at 93.3mph. He did not have the highest average. That went to Zaach Quintana who averaged 91.5mph. Quintana's hardest fastball was 92.6.

Five pitchers had an average over 90mph: Ty Hensley (91.1), Zach Quintana (91.5), Tony Blanford (Reds, 90.4) and Andrew Sopko (Royals, 90.2).

Another fun number to look at is the spin rate on the breaking balls. So TrackMan calculated the RPM on the pitch and the velocity. As a standard, according to TrackMan an average MLB curveball is 76mph and 2450 RPM. Five pitchers had a higher RPM than the MLB average.

  1. Tony Blanford (Reds) | 2649 RPM | 75mph

  2. Brady Lail (Reds) | 2624 RPM | 75mph

  3. Michael Rucker (Royals) |2556 RPM | 77mph

  4. Ryan Warner (Reds) | 2536 RPM | 70mph

  5. Andrew Pullin (Royals) | 2454 RPM | 70mph

So there are some more numbers for you to look at and digest.