Recruit X: Two players dish on coaches

About 75 percent of the players in the ESPNU 100 made their college decision before Signing Day. We talked to two who didn’t to find out what it was like being uncommitted so late in the game.

As told to David Auguste & Matt Remsberg

On phone calls with coaches:

Player 1: They can only call twice a week, but what they do is tell me to call them, because we can call them as many times as we want. It’s funny because even talking twice a week is more than enough. They’re always just saying the same stuff in different ways.

Player 2: It gets kind of annoying, but I understand they have a job to do. Most of the coaches who call, I think they actually care about me. If they try to BS me, I’ll catch it. One guy said, “If you come here, we would make you the face of the city.” I thought to myself, “Nah.” He also said they would put up a billboard of me back in my hometown. I knew that wasn’t going to happen, and I haven’t talked to him since.

On turning coaches down:

Player 1: I try to be straight with them and let them know as soon as I know I’ve crossed them off my list. They don’t want to hear it, but they usually respect the decision and tell me if I ever change my mind to give them a call.

Player 2: I don’t think I have the heart to tell coaches I don’t want to go to their school. They put in the time and effort to call me and try to build a close relationship with me. If they got mad at me, I’d understand. It’s a business for them, but this is all about my future.

On dealing with difficult coaches:

Player 2: There was one assistant coach who kept calling my mom. He would call like 12 times a day, especially when she was at work. He just kept calling and calling. When they finally spoke, he kept telling her she needed to move out there and leave everything behind. She called me and said she didn’t like how he handled things, so I told my AAU coach I didn’t want to deal with him anymore.

On waiting so long to make a decision:

Player 1: I know the guys who committed early don’t have to deal with this now, but I don’t regret waiting this long. I’ve found out things about certain schools along the way that really made me stop and think. If I had made my decision a year ago, I think it would be different from my decision this year, so that’s how I know waiting was the right thing for me.

Recruits X agreed to speak to ESPNHS anonymously.