Offseason Offerings: Brannen Greene

ESPNHS - Georgia

With the offseason in full effect, ballers around the country have begun what is widely regarded as one of the most grueling grind modes of the year as they prepare for the up-and-coming season.

Every week we’ll profile one of the top players in the country and have them dish on one of their most unorthodox training methods and explain why it’s been so beneficial.

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Mary Persons (Forsyth, Ga.) shooting guard Brannen Greene.

The Drill: Crab-crawling, pushup free throws

The Rundown: “I start at the baseline and I get on all fours and walk the court as fast as I possibly can. Every five steps I stop and do 10 pushups.

Once I get to the other baseline I have to walk over to the free-throw line and make five straight free throws. If I don’t make the free throws I just have to do it all over again.”

The benefit: “This drill really helps with my concentration because no one wants to be over there crawling again.

It also builds arm strength and leg strength with the crabbing down the court. This is one of the hardest drills I do, but it’s one of the best.”

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