Offseason Offerings: Julius Randle

ESPNHS - Texas

With the offseason in full effect, ballers around the country have begun what is widely regarded as one of the most grueling grind modes of the year as they prepare for the up-and-coming season.

Every week we’ll profile one of the top players in the country and have them dish on one of their most unorthodox training methods and explain why it’s been so beneficial.

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Prestonwood Christian (Plano, Texas) forward Julius Randle.

The Drill: Medicine ball jumpers

The Rundown: “I basically stand in five different spots from about 18 feet out and take 10 shots from each spot with an eight-pound medicine ball. You have to really concentrate because the ball gets heavier and heavier with each shot.”

The benefit: “It helps with your release and keeping your form up because if you don’t keep it up it’ll be an air ball. It also helps to build arm strength because the medicine balls are obviously heavier than regular balls. This is a drill that can definitely help you improve your shooting.”

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