Purvis' Perspective: Signed, sealed, delivered

ESPNHS Student Blogger: Rodney Purvis Scott Kurtz/ESPNHS

Rodney Purvis | Senior | Shooting Guard | Upper Room Christian Academy (Raleigh, N.C.)

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Rodney Purvis is the No. 5 shooting guard in the ESPNU 100. Purvis, a senior at Upper Room Christian Academy (Raleigh, N.C.), ended one of the hottest recruitments of the summer in late September by picking North Carolina State. He's agreed to give ESPNHS exclusive access to his life and chronicle his thoughts in a monthly blog.

What’s up world!

It’s your boy Rodney Purvis and I’m happy to say that I’m I officially part of the Wolfpack family! I’m really excited about that. Obviously, this is the early signing period for us and it’s a great feeling to put all of the recruiting stuff behind me for good.

It’s a goal that I’ve accomplished so that’s definitely something that I’m proud of.

Since I committed to North Carolina State things have been so crazy. The whole city of Raleigh, N.C. has really gotten behind me and supported me even more than they had been before. And I had a lot of support anyway.

I’m definitely seeing a lot more N.C. State paraphernalia on cars now, so that’s really cool. I’ve gotten even closer with the coaches and players that are there now and the fans too.

The fans are pretty crazy, I love them. They’ve got a group of fans that they call the “Purv-erts.”

I went to the scrimmage game the other night and a guy came up to me and pointed to a section in the arena and said that was where the Purv-erts are gonna sit. It was pretty funny.

The fans will have a lot to cheer about because we’re bringing in a great class. ESPN has our class ranked No. 2 right now with me, Tyler Lewis and T.J. Warren. I hope that we can get Amile Jefferson too. I’ve been working pretty hard on him. He was at N.C. State last weekend and I feel like he had a good time so we’ll see.

We know that the expectations will be really high for us when we come in and we’re OK with that. We’re all really close so that will help with our chemistry when we get here. I think we’ll be ready to step right in and make a difference.

Other than that, our season kicked off and we’re looking pretty good. We’re still young, but we can’t keep saying that. We’ve got to step up and finish strong this year, and I think we’re capable of doing just that.

Well, that's all I've got for now everyone. Check back soon for my next blog entry.

Until next time.

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