Britt's college choice will be all business

Nate Britt II is unabashed about the fact that he grew up hoping that North Carolina would cut down the nets every year and stand center stage looking up at the JumboTron while NCAA Tournament highlights played using “One Shining Moment” as a soundtrack.

“Definitely rooted for the Tar Heels,” said Britt, a junior point guard at Gonzaga College (Washington, D.C.).

Britt got it honest; his father Nate Sr. was a big Tar Heel fan growing up watching Dean Smith, Phil Ford and Walter Davis.

“That was my team for sure,” Nate Sr. said. “We love the Tar Heels.”

Still, tonight at 8 p.m. when Britt makes his college decision at Gonzaga Madness, a season kickoff event at the school, his rooting interests won’t factor in at all.

Britt, who is ranked No. 15 in the ESPNU60, will pick between North Carolina, Maryland, Georgetown, Arizona, Villanova and Virginia.

“The fact that I grew up a North Carolina fan won’t play a part in my decision,” Britt said. “It’s all about what’s best for me in the long run. It’s more of a business decision.”

That’s a mindset that Nate Sr. instilled into his son when the recruitment process began.

“It’s not about the dream of playing for North Carolina anymore,” Nate Sr. said. “You’ve really got to separate the two. You’ve got to put the whole thing into perspective and that can be hard for kids at times, but it’s something that we’ve talked about a lot.”

Perhaps that’s why Britt said “it’s not at all hard” to separate being a fan and being a recruit. Or maybe it’s because Britt added that he “was never an extreme fan, just a fan.”

Whatever the reason, Britt is focused on going into the best situation possible and maintains that, at this point, every school is on the same level.

“I’ll make the right decision for me,” Britt said. “Not because I like a school or because a school is close to home. It's about the big picture, not about being a fan."

But sometimes it works out that the college with the best situation just happens to be the dream school. That was certainly the case for the Tar Heels most recent commit Oxford Webb (Oxford, N.C.) forward Isaiah Hicks, a junior forward who is ranked No. 14 in the ESPNU60.

Like Britt, Hicks grew up a North Carolina fan and felt like the Tar Heels made the most "business" sense too.

Hicks committed less than two hours after Roy Williams offered him a scholarship.

"I'm not ruling out anything," Britt said. "We'll see what happens. At the end of the day, I’m blessed to be in this position. I’ve got all of these great schools that want me to come and play for them.”

Now all he has to do is pick one.

Jason Jordan is the basketball editor for ESPNHS. He can be reached at jason.x.jordan.-ND@espn.com. Don't forget to follow him on Twitter: @JayJayESPN