Recruit X: Coaches will say anything

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an elite high school basketball player? To be the object of affection for the country’s top-tier college programs? To be bombarded after games by autograph seekers and to grant interviews several times a week to recruiting analysts who are dying to know what school you’re leaning toward?

What is that world really like?

ESPNHS has summoned the help of a highly rated recruit and granted him anonymity in order to bring you a raw and real account of just what goes on in their lives that doesn’t make the press clippings.

As told to Jason Jordan.

Hey, what’s going on everybody, I’m back! Ha-ha.

Of course I hear about all my haters, but like I always say I’m writing about what I’ve been through. No one makes up anything for me. This is just the truth from me. That’s it.

I know a lot of reporters ask me in interviews what coaches say to try and get me to come to their schools, and I usually say the normal stuff that we say like “They just tell me how I can fit into their system” or “They just talk about how much they’d love to have me.”

But when reporters ask me if any coaches promise me anything or dis other schools, I always say no. The truth is most coaches make promises and most coaches dis other schools, in their own ways.

I honestly think that every coach recruiting me has told me that I can come in and start, except for maybe one or two and those schools just mask it by saying “You can come in and probably play right away.”

I had a coach ask me one time how many minutes I would want to play and what offense I would want to run and then said he could make it happen. They will do and say anything to get us.

Fans don’t like to believe stuff like that about their school, but trust me I’ve got lots of schools on me and every coach pretty much makes promises.

The other thing they do is straight dis other coaches.

Any coach who says he doesn’t do that is lying.

Coaches tell me all the time “Oh he cheats, you don’t want to go there” or “They’re being investigated right now, it’s just not out yet” or “When they get you there it’s total opposite of what they tell you during the recruitment.”

At this point, I just think it’s a common thing for coaches to hate on each other. Like, it’s what they do, almost as normal as recruiting you in the first place.

I don’t really care that coaches dis other schools that are recruiting me. At first I thought that was kind of crazy and I wasn’t feelin’ it but now I know it’s just part of the game.

Coaches aren’t who they show you on TV. They’re way different on a personal level.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got this go-round everybody.

Thanks for reading. You, too, haters!