ODP Interregional summaries, Monday

CHULA VISTA, Calif. – The annual US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program Boys Thanksgiving Interregional play concluded Monday with matches in the 1997 and 1998 age groups.

The following are match summaries:

1997 Age Group

Region IV 2, Region III 0

Goal scorers: RIV - Ether Bustos, California (36th), Alexis Berrios, Nevada (41st).

Region II 2, Region I 0

Goal scorers: RII - Vukashim Latinovich, Wisconsin (19th), Thomas Ueland, Kentucky (33rd).

1998 Age Group

Region I 1, Region IV 1

Goal scorers: RI - Zachary McMurrer, Virginia (8th) RIV - Terrell Lowe, Idaho (12th).

Region II 3, Region III 1

Goal scorers: RII - Daniel Wright, Michigan (15th), Jose Cholico, Minnesota (25th), Spencer Glass, Indiana (58th). RIII - Alexander Dexter, Georgia (30th)