Special Notice: Future of Cal-Hi Sports

Content items found on this page are moving again very soon.

This ESPN-owned web page focusing on California high school teams and athletes will shut down soon.

The work we have done for nearly 35 years under the name Cal-Hi Sports and CalHiSports.com will not be shut down and there's a strong likelihood our content will continue under our long-time name. More details will be announced at a later date, but we wanted to alert many of our long-time followers and make sure they know that Cal-Hi Sports is included in recently-announced ESPN business decisions and that changes will occur. The official separation date, however, is still nearly two months away.

Please bookmark our twitter page @CalHiSports and our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/CalHiSportscom/162897664162 to get updates on where to find our one-of-a-kind content. You can also type the web address “CalHiSports.com” or “CalHiSportsFootball.com” directly into your web browser to check for updates after this page is shut down.

We also will continue to post updated state football record lists until this page closes. Our 2012 preseason state football coverage, including preseason state rankings, will begin on August 8 after vacation, likely on one of our temporary homes.

All of us who have worked on the Cal-Hi Sports records, all-state teams, state stat stars and state rankings in various sports over the years have benefitted from being part of ESPN for the last four years and are thankful for having been given the opportunity.

We also want to thank our many loyal followers who have continued to stay with us throughout many changes in recent years. Anyone with questions is welcome to email them to markjtennis@gmail.com.

Best regards, the Cal-Hi Sports team