Welcome to the CT Blog

Hey all, glad to be joining you LIVE from Bristol as we kick start the ESPNHS Connecticut blog. From now on, consider this the place to come with all your questions about high school sports in CT. Questions like:

Who's the No. 1 football team?

Which players are D-I material?

Where did Andre Drummond go?

We know the answers to that stuff. So check in daily and we'll take care of the rest.

Just to give you a little personal intro, I'm Mike Grimala, a writer/editor/Kuran Iverson fan, and I've been covering Connecticut since we started the CT edition of the magazine last fall. I live in Farmington, aka "The Center of the High School Sports Universe," and I'm pretty accessible -- if you want to get in touch with me, just leave a comment below or hit me on email (michael.grimala@espn.com) or Twitter (@ESPNHSGrimala).

Ok, thanks for sitting through the long form intro. Let's get started with some preseason football rankings. On to the next post!