Five Days of List-Mas: Wild Card!


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Whether you’re putting together a grouping of best quarterbacks or worst albums, or you’re making that special list for Santa, there’s nothing quite like a good list. So in honor of the holiday season we’re bringing you lists all week long — Merry List-Mas!

Today: The 10 best mascots in Florida.

From the clever to the obscure to the fitting, we take a look at a variety of our favorite mascots from around the state.

10. Fort Lauderdale Flying L's

Legend has it the Flying L was born in 1917 when a Miami Herald reporter used the term to describe one of the school's track stars.

9. Seabreeze Sandcrabs

Self-explanatory mascot for the Daytona Beach school.

8. Miami Senior Stingarees

Whippy the Stingaree strikes fear in opponents' hearts.

7. Key West Fighting Conchs

A snail shell might not seem intimidating, but it's a beloved symbol of the picturesque island with a history of producing MLB players.

6. Okeechobee Brahmans

A brahman is a humped breed of cattle named after the "sacred cow" in Hinduism.

5. Charlotte Fightin' Tarpons

Do you want to mess with a huge fish with a reputation for punishing those who dare to reel it in? I know I don't.

4. Melbourne Central Catholic Hustlers

More about work ethic than confidence men or pool sharks, the Hustler is nevertheless a mascot with serious swag.

3. South Plantation Paladins

The Paladins were fierce knights of the French King and Roman emperor Charlemagne.

2. Tarpon Springs Spongers

The Tarpon Springs waterfront was once home to a thriving sponge industry, and the boats, docks and warehouses remain a tourist attraction.

1. Lakeland Dreadnaughts

The name derives from a class of battleships, and it's fitting moniker for one of the best football programs in state history.

What's your favorite Sunshine State mascot? Let us know in the comments.