The 13 Scariest High School Nicknames

Whether it’s Halloween or Friday the 13th, there are some schools that might have an edge just by their nickname. Here are 13 of the scariest school mascots and nicknames in the country. Originality was a key consideration so that’s why we have no Dragons, Red Devils or Blue Devils.

And so the scariest mascot names, in alphabetical order, are:

Abington Galloping Ghosts (Abington, Pa.)

We also found several Grey Ghosts in the land, but the Galloping Ghosts were named in honor of football legend Red Grange, nicknamed the “Galloping Ghost.”

Bad Axe Hatchets (Bad Axe, Mich.)

This could be the alma mater of Jason Voorhees, the fictional murderer in the Friday the 13th series of films. There may not be a better combination of a school name and the nickname anywhere in the nation.

Belfry Bats (Belfry, Mont.)

The Bats still exist as the nickname for this school, but since the school is so small it now competes as a co-op with Red Lodge (Red Lodge, Mont.).

Cathedral Phantoms (Los Angeles, Calif.)

There are a couple of other Phantoms out there, such as Phoebus (Hampton, Va.), but the one in California was actually built on an old cemetery that was relocated more than 100 years ago.

Gabbs Tarantulas (Gabbs, Nev.)

We could have put Spiders or Scorpions on this list, but a tarantula with its hairy body is definitely more gross.

Glynn Academy Terrors (Glynn, Ga.)

Yes, the football team even plays its games in a stadium known as Death Valley.

Hyde Leadership Howling Wolves (Hamden, Conn.)

There are many variations of wolves nicknames around the country, including Wolf Pack, Wolverines, etc., but Howling Wolves is much more unique. It would be fun to see how this school fares when the moon is full.

Pahoa Daggers (Pahoa, Hawaii)

This school is small and doesn’t play football, but does field teams in boys volleyball where “kills” are made by the Daggers.

Salem Witches (Salem, Mass.)

Brewer of Maine also is nicknamed Witches, but Salem is obviously more well-known for its Witches.

Sleepy Hollow Headless Horsemen (Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.)

This school is always among the best in every high school nickname list we’ve ever done.

South Eugene Axemen (South Eugene, Ore.)

We would like to see the Axemen one day go against the LaPorte Slicers of LaPorte, Ind.

Warren County Screaming Devils (Warrenton, Ga.)

This is the same school that was unfortunately in the news earlier this month when coach David Daniel had to be hospitalized after he was hit in the side of his face by a helmet during a post-game brawl.

Yuma Criminals (Yuma, Ariz.)

The school got its copy-written nickname because from 1910 to 1913 classes were held in an old prison after the school’s first building burned down.