Get Familiar: Trent Hosick

Staley (Kansas City, Mo.) junior quarterback Trent Hosick led the Falcons to their first Class 5 championship this season. Courtesy of the Hosick family/ESPNHS

As he's only a junior, it's safe to say Trent Hosick has plenty of good football ahead of him. But it could be hard for the Staley (Kansas City, Mo.) quarterback to top the past two weeks.

On Nov. 18, Hosick racked up 371 total yards and seven touchdowns to lead the Falcons to a 76-70 quadruple-overtime win against defending champ Lee's Summit West (Lee's Summit, Mo.) in the Class 5 state semifinals. Then, this past Saturday, the dual-threat QB pushed Staley (14-0) to its first state title by scoring four touchdowns in a 35-21 win against Kirkwood (Kirkwood, Mo.).

Mind you, this was Hosick's first season as a starter after transferring to Staley from Ozark (Ozark, Mo.) and sitting out last season. And while the 6-foot-2, 221-pounder has yet to receive his first scholarship offer, the early interest shown by the likes of Stanford, Michigan State and Oklahoma State is bound to spike after his impressive junior campaign. Hosick finished the season with 2,403 yards and 31 touchdowns on the ground, and 1,422 yards and 10 TDs through the air.

But for as much as Hosick loves football and winning, both are simply steps toward his ultimate goal in life. To find out what that is as well as what drives one of the nation's top juniors, let's Get Familiar with Trent Hosick.

ESPNHS: You've had a pretty good two weeks. What's it been like to play in an instant classic and then win a state championship?

Hosick: It's almost like a sense of relief. The sense of accomplishment is there and you feel good that we achieved our goal as a team, but we knew at the beginning of the year that we would be one of the best teams in the state. So now to actually go out and win the state title, it's no longer talk; we actually backed it up. The Lee's Summit West game was incredible. It was one of the greatest football games I've ever seen. You could make a movie out of that game. And then to win it all this weekend is a wonderful conclusion. I'm just thankful to the Lord for blessing after blessing he's given me in my teammates and this season.

ESPNHS: What do you think was the key part in you guys winning the championship?

Hosick: Kirkwood keyed on me most of the time, but that's a good thing because whenever teams key on me, it gives Morgan [Steward], the best running back in the state, a chance to tee off. [Steward, a Missouri recruit, ran for 205 yards and a touchdown.] We just did what Staley has done all year, and that's run the football.

ESPNHS: Even though you line up at quarterback, you actually ran for more yards than you threw for this year. What's it like playing in a system that caters to your rushing ability more than your passing skills?

Hosick: Coming from Ozark, I was used to playing in a spread offense. But at Staley, there were a number of games where we threw for less than 10 passes. We're a running team, and we feel confident in our running game. If it's not broken, don't fix it. And even though we have a fairly small offensive line, they are the best in the state and are so well coached. Me and Morgan just happen to be the guys who score and get the recognition.

ESPNHS: How hard was it sitting out last year?

Hosick: It was very hard to deal with. My parents made a decision to move for financial and job-related reasons, so I got to come to a great school like Staley, but because of the rules, I had to sit out. I just took it as an opportunity to say this will give me an extended offseason to get myself ready for when I do go out on the field. I took my training to another level by lifting twice a day, running hills for about an hour, jumping rope, doing speed drills and also leadership training with my father based on books we read together. Looking back, it's been 100 percent worth it to have this success as a team and be around my teammates and coaches.

ESPNHS: With Lee's Summit West beating Staley in last year's semifinals, did you feel motivated to get revenge this year even though you weren't on the field last season?

Hosick: Absolutely. I didn't get to play, but I felt like part of the team. Losing that game was crushing, and I remember telling the guys who were juniors at the time that I will do everything in my power to not have us feel this feeling next year. After we beat them this year, one of my teammates came up and said that he remembered what I said and that it means a lot that I kept my promise. So that was motivation for the game, and it was great to come out on top.

ESPNHS: So now that Staley has finished on top, will you take some time to rest from your intense training?

Hosick: [laughs] Man, I was lifting [Sunday]. Winning a state championship is a wonderful thing, but it's not my ultimate goal. Training has become a part of who I am. Call me crazy or fanatic, but it keeps me sane and I train as long as I can.

ESPNHS: And what is your ultimate goal?

Hosick: The reason I play football is to use my platform of influence to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. So quantifiably, I want to win some more high school and college championships along the way, which goes hand in hand with my ultimate goal and purpose, because the more I win, all of a sudden, I'm a person of influence and I can share the gospel that much more.


SCHOOL: Staley

CLASS: Junior

POSITION: Quarterback

HT: 6-2

WT: 221


Movie: "Braveheart"

TV show: "The Andy Griffith Show"

Music artist: Rascal Flatts

Team: Denver Broncos

School subject: Math

Food: Chinese (mostly chicken)

Hobby: Playing guitar and writing songs

Brandon Parker is an associate editor for ESPNHS magazine and ESPNHS.com. Follow him on Twitter @brandoncparker or email him at brandon.c.parker@espn.com.