Addison Marshall wins 2011 Insperium Awards

Football is a game that demands both physical and mental toughness. But the ultimate tests in life often come off of the field and demand even more than the gridiron does, as Addison Marshall of Foster (Richmond, Texas) has proven.

Marshall was recently named the winner of the 2011 Insperium Football Awards. The award celebrates outstanding young athletes, not because of their statistical performance, but because of their ability to inspire teammates, classmates, families and communities. As the winner Marshall will receive a $7,500 college academic scholarship.

A senior defensive end at Foster, Marshall has been bravely battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia since 2009, all while continuing his academic work and supporting his teammates, remaining a pivotal part of the team. After nearly two years of intense treatments that included over 140 doses of chemo, 22 blood transfusions, 26 spinal taps, and 16 hits of brain radiation, Marshall worked his way back onto the field for the second half of the final game of his senior season this past November.

On both the field and in life, Marshall is fond of the saying, "play until the whistle blows."