Friday football pick 'em with Joshua Holsey

Well, everyone went 3-2 last week so there wasn't any change in position in the standings. Joshua remains in first place with a comfortable five-point lead while Geno Smith and I are tied for second. Unfortunately, Geno won't be able to pick with us this week so Joshua and I will go one-on-one in his absence. Here's a look at the current standings and this weekend's top games.

As always, we hope to have some fans choose against us. You can participate by leaving your picks and player of the game nominee in the comments section or by tweeting your picks to @ESPNHSAuguste.

Friday Football Pick 'Em standings

After Round 4

GAC (7-0) at No. 6 Buford (8-0)

Coffee (5-3) at Lowndes (5-3)

Pope (6-1) at East Paulding (7-0)

St. Pius (7-0) ay Grady (7-0)

No. 5 MLK (7-0) at Newnan (5-2)

David's picks:

Buford, 35-21 — Rule No. 1 in football pick 'em: Never go against Buford. This game could be close, but the Wolves have too many playmakers.

Lowndes, 21-10 — I'm not buying into this theory that Lowndes has fallen off and is no longer a threat. They will turn things around beginning tonight.

Pope, 24-14 — A bit of an upset here but I like the way the Greyhounds have responded since falling to Kell in late September.

St. Pius, 14-10 — Geno may be absent from picks this week, but he'll make his presence felt tonight. The Golden Lions are intent on getting revenge for last year's 7-6 loss to Grady.

MLK, 28-17 — The Lions' offense has been in high gear all season and I don't see any reason why they won't be able to put points on the board against Newnan.

Joshua's picks:

Buford, 17-7 — Buford's defense will be a difference-maker

Coffee, 21-14 — I'm going with the upset. Lowndes is in a drought right now. They're not looking too well.

East Paulding, 28-10 — Kamani Thomas will have big rushing numbers. Like over 100 yards.

St. Pius, 14-10 — Player of the game, Geno Smith. You already know, Dave. He doesn't really do anything on defense because they stay away from his side, but on offense he'll have like two rushing touchdowns and 75-plus yards.

MLK, 35-14 — They're offense is sick. They have a lot of deep threats like Blake Tibbs.