Class A sports to separate public and private schools for playoffs

There are major changes on the horizon for all Class A sports programs.

Earlier this week, the Georgia High School Association voted in favor of creating two tournaments for the state’s lowest classification, separating private schools from public schools during postseason play.

The motion passed by a 36-12 vote and will take effect next fall.

According to the state’s official site: “At the end of the regular competitive season, Class A is to be divided into separate Public and Private State Playoff brackets for all activities and sports with no more than a 16 public school bracket and a 16 private school bracket.”

Private schools have captured several Class A titles in recent years, leading some public school officials to claim private schools have an unfair advantage because they can draw athletes from different parts of the state. The move will end a growing sentiment among some public schools to leave the state association and create a new league.