Head-to-toe workouts for 2012

Start 2012 off right by getting into shape for your upcoming sports season with these 32 exercises. ESPNHS

No matter what your sports goal is for 2012, you won't be able to achieve it without putting in some extra work.

These 32 exercises can help you safely get into shape from head to toe for your upcoming season.

Shoulders: Overhead presses, Y's and T's, L's and Lateral raises

Chest/Pecs: Chest presses, Chest flies and Push-ups

Biceps/Triceps: Forward biceps curls, Diagonal biceps curls, Triceps raises and Triceps kick backs

Core: Plank rollouts, Stability ball pikes and Side planks

Lower Back: Reaching opposites, Deadlifts and Bridges

Hips: Side walks, Planks and raises and Side leg lifts

Glutes: Squats, Step-ups and Reverse hyper extensions

Quads/Hamstrings: Bulgarian split squats, Reverse lunges and Stability Ball leg curls

Knees: Goblet squats, Overhead lunges and Single-leg step-downs

Calves/Ankles: Toe raises, Calf raises and Circles and Figure Eights