All-Star Spotlight: Dance steps just for you

Every week in “All-Star Spotlight,” members of the ESPNHS All-Star team tackle a hot topic in high school sports. Today, Liz Davis, a junior at Montville (Oakdale, Conn.), helps you prepare for your next dance.

Have a school dance coming up? I’m here to help.

My name’s Liz and I have been dancing for several years now. I’ve done exciting things with dance, from freestyling on my own, to dancing with Team Street Elite, a world champion hip-hop squad, to dancing at talent shows, and even holding my own in dance battles. Some dancers I enjoy watching include Phillip Chbeeb, Olivia “Chachi” Gonzales, Brian Puspos, Di “Moon” Zhang, Choreo Cookies and Keone Madrid.

In order to get better at dance, you need to practice and you should understand the different styles. You may have heard of the numerous different genres of dance, such as ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom and more. Well, much like music, each genre has its own rhythm and technique. Personally, I have more experience and interest in the hip-hop dance culture. No offense to other styles!

To get you in awesome shape for your next moment in the spotlight, here is one of my videos where you can learn some beginner moves to freestyle dancing. Under the video are my steps to mastering the moves. As you could imagine, dance is difficult to teach through words. If you’re like me, you learn much easier by watching and seeing. So follow the link, press play and challenge yourself to master these moves and enjoy!

Click here to watch Liz's video.

Dance Move: The K-Kick

Time: 00:49

Basic Steps:

1. Place your right hand (or your dominant hand) on the ground, on the right side of your body.

2. Raise your left foot off the ground, standing on your right.

3. Using your right leg, push your body up onto your hand.

4. Keep practicing that and you’ll be able to get higher, and hold it longer.

Dance Move: Baby Stall

Time: 00:55

Basic Steps:

1. Kneel on the ground.

2. Raise your left knee

3. Place your right elbow on the ground by your right knee.

4. Place your left hand on the ground

5. Place your head on the ground between your hands.

6. Place your left knee on your left elbow.

7. Keep practicing this, building up your upper-body strength, so you can kick up with your right leg.

Dance Move: Gliding

Time: 00:57

1. Start with one foot sideways, and the other foot flexed and on your toe.

2. As you start to push on the flexed foot with your toe down, forcing your foot flat on the ground, push the opposite foot so it’s flexed and up on the toe, as you take the other foot (that you just flattened) and slide it behind you.

3. Flex the foot you just slid behind you, and flatten the other.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you get the hang of it.