All-Star Spotlight: Can you dress for success?

Every week in “All-Star Spotlight,” members of the ESPNHS All-Star team tackle a hot topic in high school sports. Today, Hannah Hicks, a freshman lacrosse and tennis player at King Low Heywood Thomas (Stamford, Conn.), shares her thoughts on sports fahsion.

As the years go by, more and more popular brands like Juicy Couture, Ralph Lauren and Lacoste have started making sportswear. I have even seen designer sportswear becoming extremely common in my area in New York and Connecticut. So I ask, does wearing the latest trends really affect your performance as an athlete?

Some people say that knowing they “look better” while performing helps boost their ego and ability.

In sports such as lacrosse, soccer and field hockey, uniforms are required during games and you don't have the choice of wearing or not wearing designer sportswear, except during practice. But in tennis, golf and other solo sports, the option is there.

My friend who is a very competitive tennis player told me the other day that when she plays her most important matches, she wears her “lucky” Ralph Lauren tennis dress with socks to match. I am now wondering if because the dress is fashionable, it might give her an ego boost against her opponent who perhaps isn't wearing the latest designer dress.

As a tennis player myself, I prefer avoiding the really expensive cost of designer sportswear (some jackets can cost up to $225). I usually wear sports clothes from more affordable brands like Nike or Target, which still look fashionable.

Although wearing designer sports clothes may make you look and feel better, at the end of the day your incredible performance is what people remember, not the cute tennis dress you wore.