Girls' soccer players going the distance

Plenty of high school athletes face demanding travel schedules, but these girls' soccer players take it to the extreme.

They have traveled through mountains, deserts and multiple feet of snow. They've crossed state lines, broken speed limits and racked up thousands of dollars in gas expenses. But in the end, every one of them says the travel is worth it. Every one of them says they'd do it again.

-- Desire, dad drive Bishop Carroll (Wichita, Kan.) senior Keighton Allen to weekly practice 190 miles away. Click here to read more.

-- Players cross state lines just to play with Birmingham United. Click here to read more.

-- Meg O’Brien, a junior at Northland Prep (Flagstaff, Ariz.), journeys through desert, mountain and valley for her club team. Click here to read more.

-- Laura Rayfield and Laura Moore attend rival high schools in Washington, but sing away when they carpool to club pracitces. Click here to read more.