Carly Reed, Besser Dyson credit telepathy

"She'd know where I am with her eyes closed," Carly Reed (left) says of St. Stephen's & St. Agnes (Alexandria, Va.) teammate Besser Dyson. Ryan Gibson

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It all starts when St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes (Alexandria, Va.) junior Carly Reed cuts to the goal. Even before she does a quick change-of-direction move to get open, her teammate Besser Dyson knows what to do.

“I don’t even have to look at her; I always know where she is,” says Besser, named 2011 Second Team All-Met by The Washington Post. “I just pass to her so when she turns around, the ball’s basically in her stick. It’s like telepathy!”

“She’d know where I am with her eyes closed,” adds Carly, a 2011 First Team All-Met selection. “We’ve been playing together for so long; I always know what she’s doing.”

The two met as kindergartners when they were backdoor neighbors, and started playing lacrosse together in second grade. No matter what they did — lacrosse camp, playing soccer or basketball, or simply hanging out — they never left each other’s side. Now, in addition to playing the same position (attack), they live only about 100 yards from each other in Alexandria, roughly 10 minutes from Washington, D.C.

“I feel like she’s a sister,” Besser says.

“We’re very similar,” Carly adds. “I might be a little bit louder than she is.”

The only time they get competitive with one another is when they’re angling for space on the left side of the field.

“We both want to be on the left side in order to cut with our right hand up, so we talk a lot about who gets that side,” Carly says. “But it always works out some way.”

Their collaboration led St. Stephen’s to back-to-back Independent School League titles in 2010 and 2011; the school has won 18 in a row. Last year, the Saints went 31-2 and Carly and Besser both surpassed 100 goals (Carly had 153, breaking the school’s single-season record for goals, along with 41 assists; and Besser had 116 goals and 53 assists).

“They’re very, very good,” says Kathy Jenkins, who has been the school’s girls’ lacrosse coach since 1976. “They are gifted with speed, quickness and athletic ability — all the things you look for.”

The two plan to be roommates in New York City one day, where they want to work, but first they’ll experience an ACC rivalry after high school. Carly and Besser gave verbal commitments to different colleges (North Carolina for Carly and Virginia for Besser), but each destination was a lifelong dream school.

“It’ll be weird when I play her,” Besser says.

Carly has a different take: “It’ll be fun. I can’t wait.”