Stock is rising for Montini's Rhode

In this week's edition of All-State Stock Watch, we're looking at Illinois football players who saw their potential value rise or fall over the past week. A player could have had a huge game, gotten a big-time scholarship offer, or broken a leg. Whatever the case, I chart all the data (in my head) and give you the biggest movers of the week.


UP — John Rhode, Montini QB

Rhode was featured in this space last week, receiving an UP grade after he saw his first game action of the season and tossed three touchdown passes in a win over St. Francis. Well, his stock is still going up after his most recent performance. Rhode racked up 351 passing yards and eight (!!!) touchdown passes in a 59-14 victory over St. Edwards, proving the kind of impact he can have when he's directing Montini's vaunted passing attack. Rhode went 17-for-21 and hit on his last 12 passes before sitting out most of the fourth quarter, so it looks like the thumb injury that forced him to miss the Mustangs' first five games has fully healed.

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