Stock is rising for Ben Davis QB Brock

In this week's edition of All-State Stock Watch, we're looking at Indiana football players who saw their potential value rise or fall over the past week. A player could have had a huge game, gotten a big-time scholarship offer, or broken a leg. Whatever the case, I chart all the data (in my head) and give you the biggest movers of the week.


UP — Matt Brock, Ben Davis QB

This time last year, Brock was playing fullback and trying to contribute in any way he could. Nowadays, the senior is in charge of one of the state's best offenses. Brock mostly does it with his legs, like when he ran for two touchdowns in last week's 41-14 throttling of Lawrence North. But he's also improved as a passer as the season has gone on. He'll have his work cut out for him on Friday, when the Giants take on No. 2 Carmel.

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