Paul Houck discusses Paul Rabil mentorship

Sophomore Saucon Valley (Hellertown, Pa.) attackman Paul Houck was chosen last week to be mentored by Paul Rabil for the next year after participating in the Red Bull Under my Wing event.

ESPNHS caught up with Houck about his experience and what his plan is for the next year.

ESPNHS: How were you selected for the Red Bull Under My Wing with Paul Rabil clinic?

Paul Houck: “At the F4 Showbine, which is a lacrosse recruiting event, I won the shot-clock on Saturday. My shot speed was 94 MPH. Then during the next game I was told by my coaches that I was selected to go the clinic.”

ESPNHS: How was the experience?

PH: “It was awesome. I've always looked up to Paul Rabil and to be able to learn from him and watch him shoot was just unbelievable. I really feel like I benefitted from it and I'm looking forward to learning even more from him.”

ESPNHS: What was your favorite part about the clinic?

PH: “My favorite part was when we went back into the locker room after the shooting clinic and he watched our shots in slow-motion that were recorded on the Oakley Camera. It was really sweet because he could see everything that we were doing well and what we needed to fix and he told us how to fix it.”

ESPNHS: Was it intimidating competing with older committed guys?

PH: “I wasn't intimidated at all. They were all really friendly guys and I definitely learned a lot just from watching them too. They were all great players.”

ESPNHS: How was it working with Paul Rabil?

PH: “Working with him was very easy. He was great at explaining how to do things and he was a really good teacher. I was never unsure about anything that he meant.”

ESPNHS: What did you learn?

PH: “We learned better shooting form and how to get more power behind our shots. He also taught us some drills to do at home, which I have already been doing on a regular basis. They are fun drills that are going to make me better.”

ESPNHS: Did you think you would be selected by Paul Rabil?

PH: “I didn't really expect to be picked. All ten of the kids that were there were all great players and all deserved it. I was really surprised when I heard he chose me. I was also excited though.”

ESPNHS: How were you contacted and how did you react when you found out?

PH: “I received an email from the people at Red Bull telling me that Paul had chosen me. At first it was almost too hard to believe that it was really happening. It took a day or two until it really set in that it was actually real.”

ESPNHS: How are you going to connect with Paul this year?

PH: “We are going to be keeping in touch over email. I plan on contacting him whenever I have questions having to do with lacrosse.”

ESPNHS: What are you hoping to learn this year from Paul?

PH: “I really just want to improve my game as much as possible this year by doing all the drills he taught us at the clinic and any other things that he tells me to do in the future.”

ESPNHS: How has your recruiting process been going?

PH: “So far I haven't been in any serious contact with any coaches. I have received a couple emails from some D-III schools, but other than that not to much yet. Next year will probably be the climax of my recruiting process since DI and DII schools will be able to contact me then since I'll be a junior.”

ESPNHS: What schools have contacted you?

PH: “So far Lynchburg, Swarthmore, Urnsinus, Franklin & Marshall have contacted me over email.”

ESPNHS: What school are you interested in?

PH: “My goal is to go D=I, but I'm definitely interested in D-II and D-III as well. Some schools I'm interested in are Hartford, Fairfield, Brown, Dartmouth, Salisbury, Tufts, Lehigh, St. Joes, and Lemoyne.”

ESPNHS: What are your goals for HS and club season this year?

PH: “During my high school season I want to have a winning record and go to states. I really feel like we are going to be a great team this year. Individually, I want to play to the best of my ability and do whatever it takes to help my team win.”

“In the club season my goal is to get noticed by colleges, have fun, play hard, and hopefully win some tournaments with Twist.”

ESPNHS: Please add anything else you like to share about this experience...

PH: “I'd just like to thank Warrior, Red Bull, Twist Lacrosse, and Paul Rabil for making this all possible. I'd also like to thank my family for driving me to tournaments all the time and supporting me. I'd also like to thank my high school coach Lou Gonzalez. I've been working with him since my first year of lacrosse and he has really helped me improve my game in every aspect.”