Catching up with No. 1-ranked Case Matheis

Throughout Case Matheis’ lacrosse career, he has worked hard to become a better player and he has the hardware to prove it -- winning state championships with Darien (Darien, Conn.) in 2009 and 2010 and earning the No. 1 ranking in the ESPNHS 100.

Matheis has been a prolific scorer for the Blue Wave, compiling 120 goals and 94 assists in three seasons, but the senior injured his knee in the playoffs, bringing an end to his high school season and any summer lacrosse plans.

“I tore the lateral meniscus in my knee during the state quarterfinals last year,” Matheis said. “I did a spin move in one-on-one's in warmups that tweaked my knee. Then, within the first five minutes of the game, I tore it on a cut.”

The Duke commit has been working hard this fall and winter to get back onto the lacrosse field and should be given the green light soon.

ESPNHS caught up with the No. 1 player in the ESPNHS 100 to see how he was doing.

ESPNHS: How are you feeling and what is your timetable for getting back out onto the lacrosse field?

Case Matheis: “I have been feeling great recently. When I last spoke to Dr. Altchek from the Hospital for Special Surgery he told me that I could return to the field after the New Year. So I am working my hardest in rehab to be back and 100 percent by then.”

ESPNHS: What are your goals for your senior year? You have collected all the accolades, what’s next?

CM: “This season I will be more determined than I ever was in the previous three. I think this can be attributed to my injury, the way last season ended, and because it is my senior year. I want to leave my mark on the program of Darien. My goals are being undefeated and winning the state and FCIAC conference titles. Also, after this year I want to be known as the best player to ever play at Darien.”

ESPNHS: How do you remain focused after committing to Duke, winning titles at Darien, and collecting many awards and ranked No. 1 in media rankings?

CM: “I love the game of lacrosse so there has never been a question of losing motivation or focus.”

ESPNHS: Who do you look up to?

CM: “My lacrosse idol is without a doubt Mikey Powell. I have countless DVD's of him in college that I like to study. I am excited to see him getting back into the lacrosse because he is undoubtedly the most exciting player to ever play the game.”

ESPNHS: What is one thing you would like to work on in your game going forward into your senior year?

CM: “I definitely want to work on my shooting. My stationary shooting is okay, but my on the run shooting needs a lot of work. If I can work on that then I will be a lot more dangerous come this season.”

ESPNHS: Do you have a particular shot on goal or play that you love to run when you are going to the goal?

CM: “One of my favorite things is to take my defenseman out to the corner and dodge from there. It allows me to build up a lot of speed and gives me a better angle to attack the net.”

ESPNHS: Who is the toughest defenseman you have faced?

CM: “This is a great question, my toughest matchups have been Bobby Duvnjak (Manhasset), Tanner Scales (Regis Jesuit), Goran Murray (Haverford School), and one of my best friends Tony Britton from Darien.”

ESPNHS: What are your thoughts about a bigger ACC when you play your first season for Duke?

CM: “I could not be more excited about Syracuse joining the ACC. One of my dreams is to play in the Carrier Dome, so it looks like that will happen.”