Johns Hopkins gains another Warrior 40 alumnus

Wilkins Dismuke who was the first sophomore to be named to the Warrior 40 has given a verbal commitment to play men’s lacrosse at Johns Hopkins.

Dismuke, who plays attack for Rock Canyon (Highlands Ranch, Colo.), said his recruiting interest picked up dramatically after earning Offensive MVP honors at the Warrior 40 final competition.

“After the regional tryouts it started to pick-up a little more and I'd contact some D-I colleges to get my name out there. After I played in the game [Warrior 40] and got offensive MVP, that's when they all came in.” Dismuke said.

Dismuke flew to Baltimore, Md. on Wednesday, visited the Hopkins campus on Friday and committed on Saturday.

“I just fell in love with the campus,” Dismuke said. “I talked to my dad about the whole financial situation and everything and he gave me the green light to commit. So I called him [Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala] back and gave him my verbal commit.”

Dismuke becomes the second Warrior 40 athlete to commit to college in the past two weeks. Oliver Saffery from Wellesley committed to play for Gettysburg.

Dismuke also joins fellow Warrior 40 alum, Nick Fields as part of Hopkins 2013 recruiting class.

ESPNHS caught up with Dismuke at the Battle of the Hotbeds All-Star game on Tuesday night.

ESPNHS: So did you call Nick Fields?

Wilkins Dismuke: “Nick Fields, Ahmed Iftikhar, Eddie Morris - I talked to all those guys. Mostly Eddie Morris because he was the one that came up to me and was like, " what do you think about Hopkins?". He gave me Petro's number and that's kind of when it all started.”

ESPNHS: What was it about Hopkins that was so attractive?

WD: “I was looking at Virginia and Maryland as well and they both have great football programs. When I went out to Virginia they had an amazing football stadium and obviously the lacrosse stadium is really great as well, but football kind of took over while I was there -- they had big shrines everywhere. And then at Hopkins they have a D-III football team which is pretty good, but lacrosse is the main sport so I felt like it would be awesome to go to a school where lacrosse is the main sport.”

ESPNHS: So was there anything that surprised you about the recruiting process?

WD: “Pretty much just how fast it came upon us. My mom and I were kind of expecting to lay back and do these campus visits and wait until September 1 when the coaches can send us emails and letters. One week I was thinking I was going to go until September 1 and wait, and then the next thing I know I'm committed to Hopkins. So it was all kind of a split second kind of thing.”

ESPNHS: Did you find it stressful at all?

WD: “Yeah it was kind of stressful, but the thing about Hopkins is they don't pressure you. I've heard some coaches at some other schools saying you have to give a verbal commit by Wednesday or we're going to go out and find another kid. So when I was talking to the coach he said the pressure is not going to come from us it's going to come from the position - we're only going to take two attackers from your class. So there wasn't any pressure from Hopkins - the pressure was that I was going to have to commit if I wanted to go to Hopkins.”

ESPNHS: What one piece of advice would you give to other players who are just starting on the recruiting process?

WD: “I'd try and do as many elite camps as you possibly can. Definitely don't try and do 10. I fell like [players] get worn out after a certain point and they go to those last couple tournaments and they don't give it their all because they're so tired. So try and do the most elite camps you can get yourself into that the college coaches are going to be at. And I'd definitely say do the Warrior 40 because it's an amazing thing."