What I Wish I Knew: Bridget Bianco

Northwestern freshman goalie Bridget Bianco might have been a two-time All-American at Moorestown (Moorestown, N.J.). But she still wishes she knew some of the things then that she knows now.

As Bianco gets ready to compete in the 2012 Champion Challenge at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex on Jan. 28-29, the freshman gives you a few pieces of advice she wishes she knew before stepping on campus for the first time.

On the importance of time management

“The hardest thing for me was my time management -- making sure I’m at practice on time, making sure I’m at school on time, making sure I do all the extra work that I can in my free time. I don’t have my mom on my back waking me up and keeping me on schedule. When you go to school, it’s on you. That was a big adjustment, pushing myself to do it.”

On the importance of applying yourself in class

“School wise, if you apply yourself and take the time and study and do all your work and pay attention, you can take these lessons and use them for the rest of your life. It’s that way in high school, but it’s not the same. Being in college, the classes are interesting and you learn so much and you can take that with you. I learned that when I apply myself it really helps in the end. You can become that much better of a student and person from that.”

On the importance of working out with others

“When people workout by themselves, it’s easy to slack off and not push yourself as hard as you can. But when you work with others or have a whole team behind you, you can definitely push yourself to limits that you never knew you could. I learned that in college because everyone here is cheering for you and rooting for you in workouts whether you’re first or last. I had that before but it’s over the top here and it make you feel like a family. That makes you push yourself even harder because you’re doing it for them and yourself. When you have someone yelling that you can push more during sprints, you do.”

On the importance of communication on the college level

“Communication for goalies is something that’s really important in college. I didn’t do that as much in high school. But it’s such a huge key to college to helping out the defense and making sure they’re in the right spot. I practice talking, being more clear and improving my communication everyday in practice.”