Stock is rising for Duxbury's Naton

In this week's edition of All-State Stock Watch, we're looking at Massachusetts football players who saw their potential value rise or fall over the past week. A player could have had a huge game, gotten a big-time scholarship offer, or broken a leg. Whatever the case, I chart all the data (in my head) and give you the biggest movers of the week.


UP — Reilly Naton, Duxbury WR/DB

Coming into the season, we all knew that Naton was going to be a key to Duxbury's Super Bowl hopes. He made the ESPNHS preseason All-State team as a defensive back, but he's contributed much more than his typically good play in the secondary this season. In a huge, comeback win over Xaverian on Saturday, Naton caught two fourth-quarter touchdown passes to give Duxbury the lead. And when Xaverian was mounting its last-ditch drive, it was Naton who picked off a pass to seal the win. In what may turn out to be the Dragons' biggest game of the season, Naton dominated during crunch time. For that, he gets a serious UP grade in this week's All-State Stock Watch.

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