Stock Watch: LaSpada the stockbroker

Billerica senior quarterback Nick LaSpada is sitting in as a guest blogger for the week, and today he makes his picks for the weekly All-State Stock Watch. Turns out, the 2009 Gatorade Player of the Year is a pretty easy grader.

LaSpada's stock picks are below, with my grade thrown in as well.


UP — Jimmy Ryan, Dracut QB

I hadn't heard anything about him coming into the season, but he was great in his first start (13 carries, 113 yards in a 13-7 win over St. John's Prep). Dracut usually has versatile QBs — you know they're going to be fast, and they're going to have a big offensive line. It's really hard to defend. It's a high-powered offense, so you have to believe they'll get better as Ryan gets more experience. I think he's going UP.

Grimala's Grade: UP

UP — A.J. Doyle, Catholic Memorial QB

It was a tough week for CM (24-0 loss to Marshfield), and I think the quarterback has to take the majority of the blame in that situation. I know in my case, whether the team executes and does well, I feel like it's in my hands. The QB is the leader on most teams, so when the team doesn't perform well, the quarterback should be stepping up and accepting responsibility. A.J. is a really good player, and I'm sure he's disappointed by what happened. I think he'll get the team focused in practice this week, and I think they'll be better in their next game, so I've gotta say he's going UP.

Grimala's Grade: DOWN

UP — Tim Joy, Chelmsford LB

Chelmsford is one of the toughest defenses in our league. They're fast all over the field, and their line is big. Joy gets to the ball no matter where it is on the field. He plays very smart football — he's always in the right gap at the right time, so it's hard to take advantage of him or make any plays against him. Their defense gave up 34 points (in a 54-34 win over Westford Academy), but I think he's definitely going UP. He had 10 tackles, so he was making plays as usual. I think he'll get the defense on track and be better as the season goes on.

Grimala's Grade: UP

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