Best of 2011 with DiBiaso and Montelus

The past 12 months have been interesting, to say the least. To help us break down everything that happened in 2011 (and look forward to 2012), we're bringing in some experts.

Everett football won its second consecutive Super Bowl this season, and no two players were more valuable than senior quarterback Jonathan DiBiaso and junior offensive lineman John Montelus. DiBiaso broke the state record for passing touchdowns (again), and Montelus was there to make sure his quarterback had a clean pocket to do it from.

We asked the duo about the best of 2011, and they gave us the answers.

* Players' responses are in Everett Crimson.


Best High School Team

DiBiaso: I may be biased, but I'd say us. We won every single game by double digits, and every fourth quarter just came down to us running the clock out. Overall I think we scored with a really exciting offense, and we did it by throwing and spreading it out, which you don't see a lot in Massachusetts.

Montelus: Everett, of course.

Best High School Athlete

DiBiaso: I'd say Pat Connaughton. He was a two-sport athlete and went to a Division I school in Notre Dame for basketball and baseball. I know how hard it is to do it for one sport, so doing it for two is incredible.

Montelus: Preston Cooper from BC High. He's was probably the best athlete I saw this season at running back. I felt bad for him because he tore his ankle and it's going to take a lot to come back. But he's a great athlete.

Your Best Moment of 2011 (On the field)

DiBiaso: The Super Bowl game was probably my best moment. It was the last game for me playing in Everett, and it was a really exciting game. It was an emotional game for me.

Montelus: Definitely winning the Super Bowl this year.

Your Best Moment of 2011 (Off the field)

DiBiaso: I'd say probably getting my first offer. I was just hanging out with my friends on a random day, and the coach from Harvard called and said they were going to offer me. It really was a weight off my shoulders. I worked hard for it, so that was probably my best moment.

Montelus: Getting my first scholarship offer at the end of the summer. UConn offered me.

Your New Year's Resolution (On the field)

DiBiaso: Right now I play on the basketball team and we're 0-4, so winning a game and making the tournament would be my goal. It's been a shaky start. We've lost more games to start the season than in my entire football career, so we have to turn it around.

Montelus: To get bigger. I want to try to reach 300 pounds and get more offers.

Your New Year's Resolution (Off the field)

DiBiaso: Just setting a good example and doing things the right way.

Montelus: I want to focus on getting my GPA up.

Pro Athlete of the Year

DiBiaso: Tim Tebow. I think he brings a lot of excitement to the NFL. With all those comebacks, people were wondering if it was coming from heaven and bringing them life in the fourth quarter. And come the fourth quarter, it's all over Twitter and Facebook -- Everyone would have Tebow statuses.

Montelus: I gotta go with Ndamukong Suh. He's just a dominant player down on the line.

Best Pro Championship Team

DiBiaso: I'm not a big Boston fan, but living here and seeing the hype and excitement around the Bruins, that was one of the biggest stories of the year. They didn't win it for so long, but they made Boston a hockey city again.

Montelus: Definitely the Packers, because half the team was injured and they still managed to pull it out. No one expected Aaron Rodgers to be this good, but he's one of the best in the game.

Most Memorable Game

DiBiaso: The NBA Finals. With all the hype and anticipation from the Heat forming a dream team, then Wade and LeBron making fun of Dirk before the game, it was just a lot of drama. Then the Mavs came out and shut them up and made a lot of NBA fans happy. They proved it's not always the best players that win, it's the best team.

Montelus: The most interesting game I watched was the Seahawks and the Saints in last year's playoffs. I was at home watching with my cousin, and we were just going crazy.

The one story you want to leave in 2011

DiBiaso: I'm kind of sick of AAU sports. Basketball is big up here, but there's a lot of kids in my area who don't stay in public schools. They play AAU and go to prep schools, which aggravates me because I'd rather play for my own city and have pride in where I come from.

Montelus: I'm tired of listening to Tim Tebow. All you hear is Tebow talk, and in my opinion he's just an OK quarterback. He's not Drew Brees or Tom Brady, but on SportsCenter it's Tebow this and Tebow that. It's enough.

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