POWERADE Minnesota Baseball Rankings: Week 6

After games ending Saturday, May 19

There's just a small change near the top of our POWERADE Minnesota Weekly Rankings this week. Burnsville, despite a loss, stays at No. 1, but it's the No. 2 and No. 3 teams, West Lutheran and Maple Grove, that have swapped places. West Lutheran continues to impress with just one loss on the season. Little Falls, which had been undefeated before this week, stands firm at No. 4. And most importantly, with the postseason edging ever closer, none of the teams in our top 10 have dropped out this week.

1. Burnsville (18-2) Last week: No. 1

2. West Lutheran (17-1) Last week: No. 3

3. Maple Grove (16-3) Last week: No. 2

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