Five Days of List-Mas: Wild Card Edition!


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Whether you’re putting together a grouping of best quarterbacks or worst albums, or you’re making that special list for Santa, there’s nothing quite like a good list. So in honor of the holiday season we’re bringing you lists all week long — Merry List-Mas!

Today: The best mascots in Missouri high school sports.

Any school can be a mascot like the Hawks or the Bulldogs. It takes a creative school to come up with something that is a little more exciting. And some of the Missouri schools have some awfully creative mascots. But which schools made our top five? Read below, and let us know if you think your school should have made the cut.

5. Putnam County Midgets

4. Maryville Spoofhounds

3. Roosevelt Roughriders

2. Yeshiva Blockbusters

1. West Plains Zizzers

Honorable mention: Archie Whirlwinds, Aurora Houn Dawgs, California Pintos, Campbell Camels, Clarkton Reindeer, Southern Reynolds Whippets

Brandon Parker covers Missouri for ESPNHS magazine and ESPNHS.com. Follow him on Twitter@brandoncparker or email him at brandon.c.parker@espn.com.