"Twinterview" with Chad Kelly

Since we're still in the early stages of launching this blog, I figured I'd get creative and introduce a new word into this space. So ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you our first "Twinterview," where (you guessed it) an interview is done in Twitter format. (OK, maybe calling that "creative" is a stretch. Sue me.)

Our first subject is Chad Kelly, a senior at St. Joe's Collegiate who at this point probably needs no introduction after his cover story in ESPNHS, TV time at the Elite 11 and all-tournament performance at the Nike 7ON. (Kelly has also agreed to do a senior diary chronicling his season, so check back in two weeks for that)

See what the Clemson-bound QB had to say about his busy offseason, what it was like being on TV and why his famous uncle is against Twitter:

@chad_kelly_12 So how did it feel being on TV so much this summer?

@brandoncparker It was sweet. To be on national TV is exciting and the whole experience was awesome. Elite 11 was great with Trent Dilfer and you can't beat being in Malibu. Coming out of the airport, I saw all these lamborghinis, nice cars and scenery as we were driving because the Pacific Ocean is right along the highway.

@chad_kelly_12 What did you take away from the Elite 11?

@brandoncparker I'm able to read defenses a lot better and make quicker decisions. When I get to college, I have to be able to do those things well, so I'm going to continue working on that.

@chad_kelly_12 What was it like on the final day waiting to see if you had made the Elite 11?

@brandoncparker I wasn't really nervous. I knew I gave my all and whatever happened, I could feel good about my effort. I'm known as a runner and passer, so knowing I was in the top 11 at a strictly passing camp was awesome.

@chad_kelly_12 Were a lot of your friends and family blowing up your phone when the show was on TV?

@brandoncparker Yeah, a ton. I was getting Facebook messages from people out in Cali saying I was an amazing quarterback and girls saying I was cute (laughs). I actually was at the store the other day with my girlfriend and as I was walking out some guy said "Elite 11." My girlfriend goes, "Did you hear what he said?" And I was like "Wait, what? I didn't hear him." Then she told me and I was like, "Wow, that's cool."

@chad_kelly_12 What was it like having such a busy and successful summer?

@brandoncparker It was good and bad. Of course, it's great being on TV and playing with the best guys in the nation, but I was away from my team for a whole two weeks while they were working out and playing 7-on-7. I learned a lot from the camps that I've been sharing with my teammates and working hard to make up for what I missed.

@chad_kelly_12 A lot of people know your uncle is Jim Kelly from the Bills, so what's it like having that connection in Buffalo?

@brandoncparker It's great. We talk football all the time and he gives me great tips. I actually got to work out with the Bills during the lockout because they needed a QB out there. To be able to learn from and play with the top athletes in the world was huge for me.

@chad_kelly_12 OK, let's talk some about Twitter. How big is Twitter in your life

@brandoncparker My aunt is big on Twitter, so she was telling me to get one. But my uncle Jim is totally against it. He said I'm taking a chance by having one because everybody is going to scrutinize what I say. Of course, he knows how that can be, but I think it's pretty neat interacting with people and athletes. It might be more popular than Facebook.

@chad_kelly_12 What's the craziest thing someone has said to you on Twitter?

@brandoncparker People from other colleges sometimes say I'm not good enough or that I won't be as good as my uncle. And then one kid from another high school said they are going to whup us this year. We'll see about that.

@chad_kelly_12 Why did you commit to Clemson so early?

@brandoncparker It just felt right. That was the first school I visited in the process and the only school that I bought clothing from, which is interesting now when you look back on it. And actually, my dad didn't tell me this until the day I committed, but back when I visited, he and one of my other uncles liked it so much that they told each other that I should just commit now. It's a great school and I'm excited to play.

@chad_kelly_12 How big is your team's season opener against Aquinas Institute (on Sept. 3)?

@brandoncparker Oh it's huge. We're playing the best team in New York, so we've got to be ready to compete and show it was a fluke when we lost to them last year. Back then, we had a new offense, new coach and I was the new quarterback, so we had a lot to figure out. Now we have some experience, so hopefully I can help us make some big plays and pull out a win.

Brandon Parker covers New York for ESPNHS magazine and ESPNHIGHSCHOOL.com. Follow him on Twitter @brandoncparker or email him at brandon.c.parker@espn.com.