Todd Gurley Recruit Diary: Official visit to Georgia goes well

Todd Gurley, a senior at Tarboro, is one of the top-rated running backs in the nation, possessing the ability to play multiple positions. As a highly sought-after recruit with offers from the likes of Auburn, UNC, Georgia, Virginia Tech and Clemson, Gurley agreed to chronicle his senior season and recruiting experience through a weekly diary with ESPNHS.

What's going on, world!

This past weekend, I took my first official visit down to UGA to see them play South Carolina. Of course, you know Georgia didn't win, but just to go and see my first Bulldog (and SEC) game was amazing. The atmosphere of the game was live, and to see all those people dressed in red at the game was impressive.

My official visit was mostly like my unofficial one, except this time my parents were with me, so I could actually show them why I was considering Georgia so much. Before we even left Athens, they could see why.

It was a long weekend. I had a game Friday night against North Edgecombe, which we won 46-6; then, about an hour later, we hit the road to drive almost seven hours to Athens. We got a couple hours of rest, but before we knew it, we were starting the day off.

We had some time to talk to the athletic director, who obviously thinks very highly of the school and the way coach Mark Richt handles things.

After the game, we spent time with our hosts, redshirt freshmen Jay Rome and Justin Scott-Wesley. We got to ask them some questions and they kept it straight up with us. Later, we went downtown for a little while and it was live. There had to be about 3,000 people out there, so that was cool to see that they like to party out there in Athens.

The best part about the visit was going back to the cafe because I've been waiting to go back since my last visit. That’s plus for UGA because I think they have the best cafe in country; the food is the best.

The other good part was going to have dinner at coach Richt’s house. Just sitting down and talking with him and my family was cool. My little brother was playing with his sons, David and Zach, having a good time. Even my little brother loved Georgia and he’s only 5 years old.

I think a lot of Coach Richt. He’s very good person and also a family man. Those are things I look for in a coach because he knows what’s its like to be with kids and treat his players like a family.

My visit was good and I will definitely be back in Athens for another Saturday game. Thanks to all the fans who showed me love and havebeen supporting me through this recruiting process.

I've set my next official visit to Virginia Tech on Oct. 8 when they host Miami so I'll be looking forward to that visit as well.

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My top six schools (in order): UNC, Georgia, Virginia Tech, N.C. State, Auburn and Clemson.