Todd Gurley diary: Official visit to Death Valley as playoffs heat up

Todd Gurley, a senior at Tarboro, is one of the top-rated running backs in the nation, possessing the ability to play multiple positions. As a highly sought-after recruit with offers from the likes of Auburn, UNC, Georgia, Virginia Tech and Clemson, Gurley agreed to chronicle his senior season and recruiting experience through a recruit diary with ESPNHS.

What’s up, world!

It's been a while since my last blog, but I’m back with another one to keep everyone informed about what’s been going on recruiting-wise and during my football season.

Let's talk about the season right now. Our record is 10-2 and we're in the third round of the Class 2A playoffs. Most people said we wouldn’t make it out the first round — even people in our town. But one thing I can say about us is that we don’t pay attention to what critics say because at the end of the day, you’re always going to have people saying good or bad things about you. We've been on this seven-week journey so we have three more weeks left until we go for our third straight championship title.

I took my second official visit this past weekend down to Death Valley to see the Tigers clinch the Atlantic Division for a spot in the ACC Championship. My time down in Clemson was great. I loved it, especially the game day atmosphere, even though I missed the most exciting 25 seconds of college football with the team running down the hill and touching Howard's Rock. I got a chance to meet a lot of the 2012 recruits who have already committed to Clemson, like Chad Kelly from New York. Later that night, we went out with some of the guys from the team. My host was Cortez Davis, but we all were together so there were other guys like [former ESPNHS cover boy] Stephone Anthony, Sammy Watkins and a bunch of others who were cool.

Clemson seems like a chill, relaxed town. There might not be much to do every day, but I need that because it will keep me focused on my priorities like school and football, which are the two most important reasons I'm in college.

Last week in the playoffs, we beat Northside, the state’s No. 1 Class 2A team which hadn’t lost a game before that point. This week, we’re taking on Holmes, another undefeated team, at their place, so me and the boys are ready for this challenge.

I’m out, world. It was nice getting back with y’all on another blog. Stay tuned for more to come before my big decision on Jan. 3!

My top four schools (in order): Georgia and UNC (tied), Clemson, N.C. State