Moeller (Ohio) sophomore to Notre Dame

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Sam Hubbard, a sophomore midfielder from Cincinnati Moeller (Cincinnati, Ohio), has verbally committed to play men's lacrosse for Notre Dame.

Hubbard made the 2013 & Younger All-Star game at the Battle of the Hotbeds recruiting camp last summer.

ESPNHS: What other school’s did you consider?

Sam Hubbard: "During the process, I visited a lot of schools other than Notre Dame. It was really important to me to keep my options open. I visited and met with the coaches at Duke, Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Delaware, Michigan, North Carolina, and Ohio State. I was impressed with every school I visited. Notre Dame was my second to last visit. I was able to attend a football game in November. It was a great experience and I got to know coach Corrigan very well. After that experience, I knew it would be a great place for me."

ESPNHS: What made Notre Dame such an attractive choice?

SH: "My older brother, Jake, is currently a senior at Notre Dame. He has had a great experience during his time there, and I am confident I will too. The I have been visiting the campus since I was young and have learned a great deal more from Jake in the last four years. I even attended a summer lacrosse camp there when I was in grade school in 2008. The Notre Dame staff are excellent coaches and were very helpful making me get a feel for the team and the program. I also am very interested in pursuing a career in business, and Notre Dame has one of the top business schools in the country."

ESPNHS: What surprised you about the recruiting process?

SH: "I attended several summer events on the east coast. As soon as they were over, my coaches started to receive some information from college coaches. I was really honored to meet and spend time with coaches and players. I was surprised at how quickly the whole process would begin and end. As a sophomore, I was expecting to work through the recruiting process in my junior and senior years, but I learned that college lacrosse is different. But within a few months, and a lot of driving, I knew where I wanted to be. It was great to have the advice of my high school coach Nate Reed, and my Titanium Elite Summer Team Coach, AJ Auld, to guide me."

ESPNHS: What was the most important question you asked college coaches during the process?

SH: "Virtually every coach gave me the same advice. They all told me that other than lacrosse, I needed to learn about the school and understand what each had to offer in its academic programs. I also wanted to know what the everyday life was like for a lacrosse player of that school."

ESPNHS: What one piece of advice would you give to other players who are just starting on the recruiting process?

SH: "My main piece of advice that I would give is to keep your options open, and to see as many schools as you can. It will pay off when you find the school at which you feel at home."

ESPNHS: Is there anything about the recruiting process that you think could change that would have made it easier or less stressful for you?

SH: "There is nothing that I feel was a negative in this process. All of the college coaches that I met and got to know were incredibly honest. I understood the position in which they found themselves and none of them placed any pressure on me, which I very much appreciated. All in all, it was a very exciting process, but such a big decision can never be without stress."

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