Elite 11 Watch: Ohio QB Mitch Trubisky

Mentor (Ohio) junior quarterback Mitch Trubisky will look to show off his dual-threat skills at the Columbus Elite 11 on Friday. The Plain Dealer /Landov

Throughout this offseason, we’ve spotlighted Class of 2013 quarterbacks who have a shot at making the Elite 11 finals in July. This week, we profile Mentor (Ohio) junior Mitch Trubisky, who will compete in the Columbus Elite 11 regional in Ohio this Friday.

It’s been a whirlwind junior season for Mentor (Ohio) quarterback Mitch Trubisky, and he’s enjoying every minute of it.

The stellar signal-caller set multiple school records this season, won numerous accolades including Division I co-Player of the Year honors by The Associated Press, helped his team win 11 games and earn a berth in the regional finals, and to top it off, he’s earned some pretty impressive scholarship offers, including one from reigning BCS national champion Alabama.

As if that wasn’t enough, Trubisky is rated the nation’s No. 7 dual-threat quarterback by ESPN. In Trubisky’s mind, he’s simply out there to make plays and doesn’t care if that’s with his arm or his feet.

And he certainly got the job done last season, throwing for 3,845 yards and 41 touchdowns and running for 611 yards and 12 more scores. On Friday, he’ll put his stats – and his skill set – to the test against some of the area’s most impressive quarterbacks at the Elite 11 regional competition in Columbus, Ohio.

But before he takes on the competition, get to know Mitch Trubisky.

ESPNHS: How’s the offseason going? What have been some of your biggest goals this spring?

Trubisky: It’s going well. Lately I’ve been lifting with the team – we lift after school together – and the weather’s been great, so I’ve been getting out and throwing passing patterns to my receivers. I run the offense and we run their routes. My arm is getting stronger and I’m doing some speed training on the side as well as putting on some pounds.

ESPNHS: It must be tough to get faster and put on weight at the same time, right?

Trubisky: It’s a slower process for sure. If you put on too much weight too quickly, you are too slow, so it’s a gradual process. But those are always two things that will help out in the fall. You can never be too strong or too fast.

ESPNHS: Anything else you’ve been working on?

Trubisky: I’ve been watching a lot of film from last season. One of the things I want to do is know what everyone else’s jobs are and knowing what the defense is going to give us, so I can help my teammates be the best they can be as well as getting better myself.

ESPNHS: You’re going to be at the Elite 11 regional this weekend. What are some of the things you’re looking forward to about this competition?

Trubisky: The Elite 11 competition is awesome. I’m surprised at how big it’s become. If you’re a big-name QB, you want to get into this competition. I’m excited to compete and give it my best, and hopefully things will work out. It should be really exciting.

ESPNHS: What are some things you really want to showcase at the event?

Trubisky: I hope people can see my foot work and my arm strength and how accurate I am. I want to show people that I can throw the ball hard but be accurate with it as well.

ESPNHS: You’re rated as a dual-threat quarterback. Do you consider yourself a dual-threat QB?

Trubisky: Everyone asks me that. I guess you’d say dual threat, but I don’t really have a preference. I do whatever I have to for my team to be successful. If that means pulling it down and getting some yards with my feet, I’ll do whatever I can do.

ESPNHS: Is there one quarterback you model yourself after or that you like to watch?

Trubisky: I like to watch Aaron Rodgers and try to mimic what he does. I think he knows the game really well, he’s always a step ahead of the defense, and he’s so accurate. He’s got one of the quickest releases of any quarterback. It’s fun to watch.

ESPNHS: Give us an update on your recruiting. How are you enjoying the process so far?

Trubisky: It’s going really well. I’m taking it slow. I don’t know how far I am into the process, really. I don’t know when I’ll commit. A lot of schools are showing interest, and I’m excited to keep this thing going. When it’s time to decide, I’ll know it’s right, and then I’ll let everyone know. But I’m having fun with it and taking it slow. There’s been a few schools who have talked to me just recently and others who have been talking to me for a long time. I think right now, Alabama, Tennessee, Michigan State and Ohio State are my favorites, but I’m definitely keeping it open, because I know other schools are still looking at me.

ESPNHS: Finally, tell us a little bit about this fall. What are you looking forward to most?

Trubisky: My ultimate goal is to help us be the best team that we can be this year. I want to take my team to states and bring back a state championship and just be a great team player. The numbers don’t really matter to me. If my team has success, I’m sure I’ll have success. I’m just looking to have a lot of fun in my senior year.

Mitch Trubisky

School: Mentor

Position: QB

Class: 2013

2011 Team Record: 11-2 (lost in regional final)

2011 Stats

Passing Yards: 3,845

Passing TDs: 41

Rushing Yards: 611

Rushing TDs: 12