The Cutting Room Floor: Thomas Tyner

Aloha RB Thomas Tyner is taking the state by storm. Quavondo/ESPNHS

We can't always fit everything we want in the pages of ESPNHS, so we bring you the Cutting Room Floor. Think of it as the deleted scenes portion of your favorite Blu-ray. We get things started with Aloha RB Thomas Tyner, who relives his Pop Warner glory days, tells us his inspirations and when he plans to commit. If you haven't checked out his feature, check it out here.

On his nicknames — People call me Dash and Boobie, after the guy on Friday Night Lights.

On Pop Warner days — I started in third grade playing in the Aloha Youth Football. I didn’t really know how to play running back. I was successful, though. I had like 35 touchdowns one season and 25 the next.

On coach Chris Casey — He’s a blue-collar coach in a blue-collar community. He works us harder than everyone else. We have to work hard because things aren’t going to be given to us. He likes to torture us. I’m just rolling my eyes and trying to get it over with. It’s horrible. You can’t feel your legs after the workouts.

On which sport he intends to play in college — A lot of people ask me that. It’s a tough question. I love both sports and I want to do both in college.

On why he wears No. 4 — I used to watch Jahvid Best.

On what player he gets compared to — People compare me to Adrian Peterson because he’s so fast and powerful.

On the seniors on Aloha’s FB team — My best friends are in the senior class. I’m trying to make this year the best for them. We want to win two more titles.

On his inspiration — My coaches are probably my biggest inspiration. And Jon Shaffer. He used to be a chubby lineman, but he completely transformed his body. He runs at Portland State, and he’s such a hard worker.

Embarrassing moment — I like to eat McDonalds. One time we were in the huddle during a game and I wanted to make everyone laugh. Before the game I had put some French fries down my pants. People could see me pulling the fries out and eating them. I thought it was funny. I like when my teammates have a good time. They were all cracking up. We won that game.

Biggest win of his career — Beating Jesuit for the first time in more than 20 years. It meant more to me than state. They’ve always been in the No. 1 spot, and we’ve been the stepping mat in the Metro League.

What people might not know — Probably that I’m a Christian man. I attend Solid Rock in Beaverton.

On his running style — I’m a power runner. I don’t like to do a lot of juking, I like to chuck people. I like to deliver the blow.

On Recruiting — I’m looking for a school that will let me play both sports. Some place that I fell home. There’s a school I feel like that does that. They treat you like you were their own kid. I’m committing my senior year so I can get free trips to visit schools (laughing).

Final thoughts — My family has supported me since Day 1. Whenever I need something they support me. I appreciate that. Then comes my coaches and teammate. And of course God.

David Auguste is an associate editor for ESPNHS and ESPNHIGHSCHOOL.com. Follow him on Twitter @ESPNHSAuguste or email him at David.Auguste@espn.com.