Colt Goucher delivers words of wisdom

Colton Goucher may be young, but he already knows a thing or two about running. His parents are Olympians Adam (2000) and Kara (2008, 2012) Goucher. From the Goucher family

Just because I am a baby does not mean I don’t know anything about running. I have spent a lot of time observing my mom and dad run and have picked up more running wisdom than most kids twice my age! This week I thought I would share some of that wisdom with you in my dad’s blog.

I have written two previous guest blogs for “Run the Edge” but that was before I was very good at talking. If you want to read those, click here and here. Now that I am a talking machine, I am ready to push my limits and express my thoughts in my first video blog.

Although I am very good at talking and expressing myself, it is frustrating that some people still have a difficult time understanding what I am saying. You are probably not one of those people, but just in case you are, I have included subtitles to help you get some of the words you may have difficulty deciphering.

What is my video about? I figured I would respond to a couple questions I get asked from people when they find out my parents are runners. If you have more questions you would like me to answer, leave them in the comments below. I am happy to share all I know.

Here is the first video: I am responding to a very common question about the difference between pain and injury.

As I state in the video, you need to know the line between tough and stupid. There is pain in running and you will have to run through some of it. But be careful not to be too tough or you may end up hurting yourself worse and missing more time in your training. You can read about this fine line in my Dad’s book “Running the Edge” in the chapter titled “When to Bend.”

The second video is a pet peeve of mine. There is so much hoopla over guys who wear split shorts to run. This video shares my opinion on the matter. If you want to see what my Dad and Uncle Tim think about split shorts, read one of their first blog posts here.

I hope you enjoyed my first video blog. If you have other running or baby questions you want to ask me please post them in the comments below. Also feel free to tell me how cute, adorable, handsome, and smart I am. My parents dig that stuff!

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