Utah state meet first in Lower 48

Utah holds its state championship meet on a Wednesday, and is the second state after Alaska on the calendar. Not sure why that is, but it does sort of stick out and maybe that's the point. The event at Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake City had our attention.

In the 5A boys meet, FAB50 top-10 teams American Fork and Davis went head to head. It was hard to pick a winner, sort of like deciding between Zion and Bryce for best canyon. As it turned out, American Fork defended its title with 25 points and Davis had to settle for second with 33.

On the girls side of things, Box Elder's Kelsey Braithwaite broke the state meet record. And top Utah teams Ogden (3A) and Skyline (4A) were upset.

Upcoming state meets (on Saturday) include Montana, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Michigan, North Dakota and South Dakota.