Olympian Kara Goucher shares her journey

Shalane Flanagan (left) and Kara Goucher run together on a road outside Mammoth Lakes, Calif., part of their marathon training for the 2012 Olympics. Adam Goucher

Ever wonder how an Olympic Marathoner trains leading up to the big race? Would you like an inside look at the day to day preparation? Kara Goucher has graciously agreed to allow us to document her journey to the London Games and to share it with you! We will be posting pictures and updates from now all the way through the Olympic marathon August 5th. Follow us on Facebook for frequent updates and visit this new web page often so you don’t miss a single stride of her journey.

Currently, both Kara and Shalane Flanagan are spending five weeks in Mammoth Lakes, California to get in some high altitude base training. They are running an average of 120 miles a week with no major workouts, intervals, or track sessions. They will return to Portland in May to begin the next phase of their training.

Here is a short update from Colt’s perspective:

Colt Goucher (age: 19 months)

Learning to crawl was a pretty cool experience. I could finally go wherever I wanted without having to hitch a ride on someone else. Then came walking. Mom and Dad made a big deal out of my first steps but to tell you the truth, it was only slightly better than crawling... and I fell down a lot. Recently, I have discovered something much, much better than walking. Running!

Running is more fun than playing with my toys these days. Plus, I get to spend more time with Mom and help her train for the Olympic Marathon in August! She is really excited to represent the United States again and wants to compete for a medal. I want to do everything I can to help her achieve her goals. Lately, I have been encouraging her to get in a little extra training by chasing me down the hallways. She thinks it is just a game but really it is speed work in disguise.

Check out this video of our most recent training session:


As you can see, she is pretty fast but she wears out before I do. Hopefully, with some consistent training, she will be able to pick up the pace a bit and push herself. She won’t have me to help pace her on the course in London!

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Happy Running!


This is the link to the new web page we set up to follow Kara's Road to London. We will post updates regularly.