Run The Edge: Gifts for every runner

Runners have specific needs around holiday time and there are lots of good gift ideas. 

Do you have a runner on your Christmas shopping list? Are you struggling to know just what to put in their stocking or under the tree? You could go to websites claiming to know the top 10 gifts for runners and find all sorts of gadgets, gizmos, shoes, clothing, supplements, watches, and everything else under the sun. Many of these gifts are sure to bring a smile to the face of the runner in your life but we recommend taking a different approach. Instead of relying on a website list to come up with the perfect gift, take some time to consider the individual runner. Think outside the box and you may come up with something unique to blow them away.

If one thing is certain about runners, it is that they are different. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, ages, and from an unlimited range of personality types and styles. A one-size-fits-all gift is hard to find without first considering what each runner is like. We (Adam and Tim) will give you an example of how stopping to think about each individual runner on your list can lead to the perfect gift.


I know Tim better than he knows himself. Sometimes I even have to tell him what he wants from a restaurant menu. This year when I was thinking of the perfect gift to give him for Christmas, I used all my knowledge about him to come up with three perfect gifts.

1. Sun Block: If you have ever seen Tim in person, it is hard not to notice that the man is bald. I mean completely bald! He shaves his head right down to the skin and leaves himself very vulnerable to sunburn. I have seen it happen and it is NOT pretty. His head can get so red that his neck looks like it is holding up a tomato. This year I am getting him some sweat-proof sunscreen for his bald head.

2. MP3 Player: Tim always has a song in his head. Unfortunately for those around him, he often decides to sing along with his imaginary music. Children and small animals have been known to scurry away when he starts to sing. Even when he is running, he will occasionally burst into song which is why nobody wants to run with him. I am going to do him a big favor this year and get him a nice running MP3 Player with a set of headphones designed for runners. Hopefully this will prevent him from singing and losing any more friends.

3. Race entry: It has been too long since Tim has raced. He used to be pretty good but now that he is old, lazy, and out of shape, he will have a difficult time keeping up with the people in his 40+ age bracket. I need to motivate him to work harder and get his rear back in shape. I plan to find a small local race where he has a chance at a top 3 age group finish to boost his ego.


If there is one thing for certain about Adam, it is that he needs other people to make his decisions for him: Where to run, what to eat, which socks to wear so they don’t clash with his outfit. Good thing he has Kara to take care of him or he would be lost just trying to reset his stopwatch. He is also lucky to have me as a friend who knows just what to get him for Christmas! Below are the perfect three gifts for Mr. Kara Goucher.

1. Odor eater insoles: Many runners have feet and shoes that smell bad but Adam takes it to a whole new level. It is a close call between Colt’s dirty diapers, and Adam’s pile of shoes in the garage for what is causing more air pollution at the Goucher house. I need to either get Adam the most powerful order-killing insoles ever made, or a blow torch to burn his shoes and start over.

2. Energizing Jelly Beans: Adam has a huge sweet tooth. It was a running joke in college when we would go out for breakfast that Adam would load so much sugar into his coffee, it wouldn’t even dissolve. Adam also loves candy corn at Halloween, and has been known to eat three boxes of Mike and Ike’s during a single movie. The invention of energizing and healthy jelly beans packed with vitamins and electrolytes might be the only thing standing between him and adult onset diabetes. This Christmas I am going to get him 5 bags of every flavor.

3. More Porta-Potties: Adam is notorious for having to stop mid-run to answer Nature's call. He can get pretty uncomfortable and grumpy when he is running in an area where there is no discrete place to stop and relieve himself. This year the perfect gift for Adam will be to identify his five favorite loops and install multiple fully stocked porta-potties along the way.

As you can see, it is important to know the runners you are shopping for so you can identify the perfect gifts to make their holiday season special. What is the perfect gift for the runner in your life?

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