Tony Smoragiewicz dug deep for bronze

The best 5K of the season by a high school cross country runner (so far) probably came on Sunday. In China. During a triathlon.

Tony Smoragiewicz ran 15:31 for 5,000 meters immediately after swimming as hard as he could for 750 meters and the pedaling his bike as fast as it would go for 20K. He finished with a bronze medal around his neck on Sunday at the World Junior Triathlon Championships. We caught up to Tony and you can read more about him and see additional photos here.

And yet, when he got to the second transition zone, he was 35th. Then the No. 1 runner for Rapid City Central (S.D.) started mowing down runners until only two remained. American Lukas Verzbicas was a half-minute ahead at the finish, where he celebrated the victory he had vowed to win for a teammate with cancer.

Smoragiewicz, ninth last year at NXN and third at Foot Locker, had the silver medalist in his sights and finished only five seconds behind him. He expects to join his cross country teammates on Sept. 23 for the Cobbers' first race of the season. Tony's mom made a really good video of the race and posted it on Youtube.