2012 NCAA Division I Choices List

This is a list of reported Division I college commitments updated with news of this week''s signings. It is arranged by home state. Please let us know if any of these non-binding commitments have changed. We know this list is far from complete. Tell us where you are headed next fall and we can add you to the list. After you sign, send us a photo for our gallery and/or Facebook wall. Names in bold are confirmed as signed. The complete listings of college choices is HERE.


Andrew Harris (distance) - Alabama

Kevin Shannon (throws) - Alabama

Quincy Smith (sprints) - Alabama

Jonathan Stiegler (jumps) - Alabama

Lacey Dent (sprints) - Alabama

Joy Maneice-Marbury (sprints) - Alabama

Analisa Patrick (distance) - Alabama


Trae Armstrong (football/sprints) – Idaho

Jasmine Todd (sprints/jumps) - Oregon

Bacall Sterling (hurdles/sprints) - Sacramento State

Ashley Weber (throws) - Arizona State


Sydney Conley (jumps) - Alabama


Trinity Wilson (hurdles) - UCLA

Cami Chapus (distance) – Stanford

Amy Weissenbach (mid-distance) – Stanford

C.J. Albertson (distance) – Arizona State

Carrie Verdon (distance) – Colorado

Darren Fahy (distance) – Georgetown

Dylan Blankenbaker (distance) – Oklahoma

Kevin Mihalik (distance) – Air Force

Savannah Comacho (mid-distance) – Oklahoma State

Allison Sturges (distance) – Duke

Cameron Miller (distance) – Stanford

Kevin Bishop (distance) – Stanford

Cody Crampton (high jump) – UCLA

Rebecca Mehra (distance) – Stanford

Deon Pinder (jumps) – Oklahoma

Lyndsey Mull (distance) – UCLA

Blake Selig (sprints/jumps) – UCLA

Julian Todd-Borden (hurdles) – Drake

Ashlyn Dadkhah (mid-distance) – California

Shea Taylor (jumps and hurdles) – BYU

Kendal Nielsen (jumps) – Cal Poly

Rachel Bush (distance) - Cal Poly

Justin Unno (distance) - UCLA

Annie Grove (distance) - South Carolina

Erika Reddish (distance) - BYU

Adriana Olivas (distance) - Arizona State

Klyvens Delaunay (jumps) - Arkansas

Danica Wyson (distance) - BYU

Ashton Padberg (distance) - San Diego

Steve Michaelson (throws) - Wake Forest

Rashard Clark (sprints) - Arizona State

Alex Conner (distance) - Yale

Melanie Joerger (distance) - Loyola Marymount


Sierra Williams (sprints) - Florida State

Kirk Webb (mid-distance) - Penn

Karina Ernst (distance) - Syracuse


Connor Rog (distance) – Virginia

Matt Klein (distance) - Dartmouth

Clark Shurtleff (distance) - Penn


Julie Macedo (distance) – Florida

Haley Pierce (distance) – Georgetown

Sam Parsons (mid-distance) - N.C. State


Marvin Bracy (football/sprints) – Florida State

Robin Reynolds (sprints) – Florida

Arman Hall (sprints) – Florida

Shayla Sanders (sprints) – Florida

DerRenae Freeman (jumps) – Florida State

Kyri Tabor (sprints) - Alabama

Dwight Davis (sprints) - Alabama

Carly Thomas (distance) - Florida State

Katelyn Greenleaf (distance) - Alabama

Randy Johnson (sprints) - Miami


Cameron Thornton (mid-distance) – Texas A&M

Jonathan Jones (football/hurdles) – Auburn

Reed Hancock (jumps) - Alabama

Caroline Kissel (distance) - Georgia Tech

Sarah Howard (throws) - North Carolina

Avana Story (throws) - North Carolina

Devon Williams (multi) - Georgia


Emily Nist (distance) – Syracuse

Rebecca Lassere (distance) - Seattle


Malachy Schrobilgen (distance) – Wisconsin

Morolake Akinosun (sprints) – Illinois

Trevor Holm (distance) - Western Illinois

Danielle DeVito (distance) - Bradley

Lindsey Rakosnik (distance) - Illinois

Sydni Meunier (mid-distance) - Notre Dame

Jacob Bender (sprints) - Nebraska

Chelsea Blaase (mid-distance) - Tennessee

Zeke Elkins (mid-distance) - Drake

Ali Olson (distance) - Northern Illinois

Ellen Renk (jumps) - Northern Illinois

Olivia Herzog (throws) - Northern Illinois

Leah Raffety (distance) - Northern Illinois

Mallory Abel (distance) - Northwestern

Jacquelyn Thate (distance) - Murray State

Ben Bowers (mid-distance) - Penn

Rebecca Stearns (mid-distance) - Loyola Chicago

Will Crocker (distance) - Missouri

Leland Later (distance) - California

Tom Schutt (throws) - Ohio State

Dan Vitale (hurdles) - Northwestern

Jaylaan Slaughter (hurdles/sprints) - Northern Illinois

Lauren Lindholm (distance) - Illinois-Chicago

Carl Heinz (jumps) - Duke


Mary Davis (distances) - Miami (Ohio)

Maggie Bell (sprints) - Indiana

Meredith Jackson (mid-distance) - Baylor


James Harrington (sprints) – Alabama

Hannah Savage (mid-distance) - Northern Illinois

Taylor Twedt (jumps/multi) - Wisconsin

Tyler Donels (hurdles/jumps) - Missouri


Kavahra Holmes (football/sprints) – Louisiana State

Kelci Lyons (mid-distance) - Columbia


Abbey Leonardi (distance) – Oregon

Matt McClintock (distance) - Purdue


Champ Page (sprints) - Ohio State

Ronald Darby (football/sprints) - Florida State

Justin Ahalt (distance) - Alabama


Jennifer Esposito (sprints/hurdles) - Elon


Tyrus Conley (throws) - Tulsa

Zachary Kughn (distance) - Montana State


Thomas Anderson (throws) - Arizona State

Brandon Clark (distance) - Penn

Riley Macon (distance) - Minnesota

Mark Harries (distance) - North Dakota


Justin Fondren (HJ) - Alabama

Conner Foxworth (jumps) - Alabama

Asia Cooper (sprints) - Ole Miss


Dorial Green-Beckham (sprints/jumps) - Missouri

Brittany Kallenberger (sprints/jumps) - Central Missouri


Morgan Woitzel (mid distance) - Nebraska

New Hampshire

Hillary Holmes (hurdles/jumps) - Cornell

New Jersey

Ajee Wilson (mid-distance) – Florida State

Tim Ball (distance) – Notre Dame

Caroline Kellner (distance) – Cornell

Holly Bischof (distance) – Duke

Blake Udland (distance) – Duke

Najee Glass (sprints) – Florida

Myasia Jacobs (sprints) – Georgia

Samuel Mattis (discus) – Penn

Alicia Osley (sprints) - Northern Illinois

Darrell Bush (sprints) - LSU

Elly Wardle (jumps/multi) - Lehigh

Greg Caldwell (hurdles) - Princeton

Jermaine Collier (hurdles) - South Carolina

George Kelly (distance) - Michigan

Stephen Lewandowski (distance) - Clemson

Theresa Picciallo (throws) - Penn

Everett Price (mid-distance) - Princeton

New York

Samantha Nadel (distance) – Georgetown

Brianna Nerud (distance) – Syracuse

Katie Sischo (distance) – Providence

Kelsey Margey (distance) – Villanova

Alexis Panisse (distance) – Tennessee

Zavon Watkins (mid-distance) - Penn State

Lauren Fontana (mid-distance) - Texas A&M

Olicia Williams (sprints) - Baylor

Giancarlo Sainato (mid-distance) - Georgetown

Thomas Awad, (distance) - Penn

Brendan Smith (distance) - Penn

Valencia Hannon (sprints) - Clemson

Daniel Lennon (distance) - Syracuse

Patrizio Grandinali (distance) - High Point

Cody Israel (sprints/jumps) - Lehigh

Heather Martin (distance) - Georgetown

Christie Rutledge (distance) - Dartmouth

North Carolina

Samantha George (distance) – N.C. State

Thomas Graham (distance) – Stanford

Craig Engels (distance) - N.C. State

Tevin Hester (sprints) - Clemson

Gabrielle Gray (sprints) - South Carolina

Anna Gelbach (sprints) - North Carolina-Charlotte

Alexis Perry (hurdles/jumps) - N.C. State

Hezekiah Ward (hurdles) - North Carolina-Wilmington

Francesca Evans (sprints/jumps) - North Carolina A&T


Destinee Gause (sprints) – Florida

Donovan Robertson (hurdles) – Ohio State

Maddie Morrow (high jump) – Duke

Coy Blair (throws) - Purdue

Taylor Hatfield (distance) - Alabama

Jacob Blankenship (pole vault) - Tennessee

Stephen Lyons (throws) - Eastern Michigan


Isaiah Duke (sprints) - Baylor


Megan Fristoe (distance) - Oregon

Sara Fristoe (distance) - Oregon State

Ashley Maton (distance) - Oregon

Kira Kelly (distance) - Oregon State

Jefferson Jarvis (throws) - BYU


Angel Piccirillo (distance) – Villanova

Tori Gerlach (distance) – Penn State

Drew Magaha (distance) – Penn

Thomas Pitt (HJ) - Penn

Imani Brown (jumps) - Alabama

Kyle Felpel (throws) - Alabama

Chris Williams (hurdles) - Washington

Kyle Long (throws) - Arizona State

Margo Malone (distance) - Syracuse

Ned Willig (mid-distance) - Brown

Meredith Speakman (distance) - Syracuse

South Carolina

Chris Brown (football/jumps) – Notre Dame

South Dakota

Tony Smoragiewicz (distance) – Michigan

Kari Heck (sprints/jumps) - Nebraska


Rebecca Stover (distance) - Alabama

Emily Yarnell (sprints) - Tennessee

Emily Davis (sprints) - Belmont

Will Templeton (distance) - Liberty


Daniel Vertiz (distance) – Texas

Craig Nowak (distance) – Oklahoma State

Cali Roper (distance) – Rice

Jessie Johnson (pole vault) – Auburn

Reese Watson (pole vault) - Texas

Aldrich Bailey (sprints) - Texas A&M

Shelbi Vaughan (volleyball/discus) – Texas A&M

Hector Hernandez (mid-distance) - Texas A&M

Laura Craig (distance) - Texas A&M

India Daniels (sprints) - Texas A&M

LaKesha Jelks (mid-distance) - Texas A&M

Jennifer Madu (sprints/jumps) - Texas A&M

Sierra Patrick (HJ) - Texas A&M

Brittany Wooten (pole vault) - Texas A&M

Samantha Turner (throws) - Jacksonville

Jordan Chavez (distance) - Richmond

Taije Jordan (hurdles) - Baylor

Brianna Richardson (jumps) - Baylor

Richard Gary (sprints) - Baylor

Felix Obi (jumps) - Baylor

Alex Reece (sprints) - Baylor

Chris McElroy (mid-distance) - Baylor

Kristin Smithey (throws) - Baylor

Jonathan Wells (sprints) - Wichita State

Jermaine Authorlee (sprints) - Alabama

Hayden Reed (throws) - Alabama

Susie Kemper (distance) - Alabama

Chance Griffin (jumps) - Columbia

Kierra Hamilton (sprints) - Kansas State

Shelby Poncik (pole vault) - Texas Tech


Ahmed Bile (distance) – Georgetown

Megan Moye (distance) – N.C. State

Shaquera Leach (sprints) - Virginia Tech

Harrison Scharf (sprints) - Penn

Nick Wolfe (distance) - Alabama

Kimberly Ficenec (distance) - Alabama

Hannah Brown (mid-distance) - Stanford

Joel Coleman (sprints) - Virginia Tech


Maddie Meyers (distance) – Washington

Anthony Lee (distance) - Vanderbilt

Andrew Matthews (sprints) - Kansas

Aaron Castle (throws) - Arizona

Jacob Smith (distance) - Portland


Molly Seidel (distance) – Notre Dame

Joshua Dixon (jumps) – Arkansas

Olivia Pratt (distance) - Butler

Andrew Faris (distance) - Alabama

Ali Olson (distance) - Northern Illinois

Taylor Vinhal (distance) - Northern Illinois