Cosy's Corner: It's always been BYU

By Cosy Burnett

Cosy Burnett is a junior outside and opposite hitter at La Costa Canyon (Carlsbad, Calif.) who also plays for Coast Volleyball Club in San Diego, Calif. Her high school team competed in the state finals for Division II last season and she has competed at nationals five times with her club teams. In the latest installment of her blog, she explains how she decided to go to Brigham Young University.

When I was 12 years old, I decided it was time to make my entree into college recruiting. I looked up the phone number of the head coach of BYU (my dream school) on the Internet and called her and left a message.

It went something like this ...

“Hi, my name is Cosy Burnett, I’m 12, I’m 6-foot tall and play middle blocker for Wave 13-1s in San Diego. You don’t know me, but I’m going to go to BYU and play for you some day, so I thought it would be a great idea if we met. I’ll be at Junior Olympics in Dallas next week, so come by our court and watch our team win the gold.”

She didn’t come, as far as I know, but when I went to camp later that summer with hundreds of girls, the coach paused when she called my name and looked up and said, “So YOU are Cosy.”


As time progressed and other schools became interested in me, I opened my mind to a lot of different options and experiences. I was really lucky to have some great choices and flattered to have offers from the best schools and programs in the country -- schools that I would have never dreamed I could go to.

I had a coach from a top program give me some great advice my freshman year. He said to keep a list of my top five schools, and only five. If I liked a new school, I needed to evaluate it compared to my top five, and if I brought it up, I would need to drop one down. This helped me keep things simple and organized when recruiting got crazy. It takes a lot of time to investigate whether a school is a good fit, so make sure you spend that time on your top five.

Questions to ask yourself

-- Where would I want to be if I were injured and couldn’t play?

-- Does the school have the major I want, and will my practice schedule/coaches allow me to follow it?

-- Will a degree from this school help me reach my life goals?

-- What kind of support does the school give its athletes?

-- How do I fit with the team/coaches?

-- What will be my role on the team?

-- Can I see myself thrive and be happy there?

Time to commit

It’s hard to know when the time is right to commit. I tried to take my time and enjoy the process, but the pressure does heat up quickly. After one particular tournament, I was discussing the pros and cons of my top two schools with my parents. In the end, the deciding factor was going to a school where I would be the happiest. There are so many people who want to define success, but to me success equals happiness. In volleyball, in school and in life. I told my parents that I really wasn’t waiting for a better offer.

It was BYU … and apparently had always been.

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