Washington Football pick 'em: Round 4

I'm beginning to think Mason Kelley should be tested for using PEDs (kidding, of course). He's been insane with his picks the last two weeks, nailing all 10 games to vault to a 16-1 record. KeiVarae Russell and I both went 3-2 last round, but it's clear Mason is running things around here. Here's a look at the current standings:

Friday Football Pick 'Em standings

Standings after round 3 of picks

Good fan participation last week as Newfancybarbie was 3-2 and HSFootballWA checked in at 4-1.

Here's a look at this week's games and remember to leave your predictions in the comments section below. See if you can beat us "experts" in Week 7.

Bainbridge (4-2) at No. 8 O'Dea (6-0)

Jackson (4-2) at No. 5 Skyline (4-2)

Issaquah (5-1) at No. 4 Eastlake (6-0)

Auburn Moutainview (5-1) at Peninsula (5-1)

Tahoma (3-3) at Auburn Riverside (3-3)

My picks:

O'Dea — The Irish had their hands full with Eastside Catholic last week. This one could be just as tight.

Skyline — The Spartans' defense has rebounded well after allowing 56 points to Lake Oswego in Week 3, yielding 17 points a contest over a three-game stretch.

Eastlake — Eastlake can't get caught looking ahead to Skyline with this tough Eagles squad in town tonight. However, Issaquah will have a tough time trying to keep pace with the Wolves' relentless attack. They could be No. 1 in 4A after Mead upset Ferris last night, 35-14.

Peninsula — Look out for this potent offense led by QB Danny Welstad.

Tahoma — Both teams have struggled to find consistency. The Bears will get their first road victory and begin a win streak tonight.

Mason's picks (follow him @MasonKelley):

O'Dea over Bainbridge

Skyline over Jackson

Eastlake over Issaquah

Peninsula over Auburn Mountainview

Tahoma over Auburn Riverside

KeiVarae's picks:

O'Dea over Bainbridge -- O'Dea is on a roll and has too many playmakers for Bainbridge, in my opinion.

Skyline over Jackson -- Simply won't be a struggle for Skyline. WesCo doesn't match up well with KingCo.

Eastlake over Issaquah -- Eastlake is simply too good. The Wolves are extremely disciplined and make very few mistakes on offense, defense and special teams.

Peninsula over Auburn Mountainview -- They are a better team in my opinion; nice little run game going on.

Tahoma over Auburn Riverside -- I don't know a lot about each team, but I'll go with Tahoma because the Bears have done decent in previous years.

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