Garnett, Banner stand tall

Zach Banner (left) and Joshua Garnett have close to 100 combined BCS offers. Photo By: Tom Hauck/ESPNHS

There’s no disputing that Joshua Garnett of Puyallup and Zach Banner from Lakes are the state’s top two recruits.

But who is No. 1?

If you ask them, they’ll tell you simply: Who cares.

Each player has upwards of 40 Division I football offers, but they appear content working with each other to maintain their elite status, rather than battling for the title of Washington’s top recruit.

We couldn’t decide who was No. 1 either, so we took the easy way out and put them both on our September cover. Check out the story on these football BFFs (written by yours truly) and see how they’re hoping to make the 2011 season a memorable one in the Northwest.