The Cutting Room Floor: Joshua Garnett

Zach Banner (left) and Joshua Garnett have close to 100 combined BCS offers. Photo By: Tom Hauck/ESPNHS

It’s been a while but we’re back with The Cutting Room Floor, offering you some of the nuggets that didn’t make the ESPNHS Washington September cover story on Joshua Garnett and Zach Banner. We previously gave you Zach’s outtakes, so now it’s Joshua’s turn to dish about a wide range of topics, including his mom’s appearance on Soul Train, dancing like Bernie and being Puyallup’s “Priest.”

On his desire to play in the Under Armour All-American Game — I saw a video of No. 1 recruit Mario Edwards, and I said I want to play against him. He’s one of the guys who's playing in that game. Going at him would be great as well as just playing in the game.

On his NFL comparison — I’m kind of like Jake Long and Dwight Freeney if you put those guys together. I’m fast and have quickness like Dwight. Zach is more of a Walter Jones type of gut.

On his workouts — I do about an hour of lifting and an hour of running. My lifting consists of a lot of power cleans and back squats. Sometimes I do some different stuff. Zach does a lot of stuff for hip flexibility, but I do more body work. I try to improve my flexibility as much as I can.

On nicknames — The Big Bern after the dance. The Franchise and the Priest. Why The Priest? People joke that I'm going to baptize the competition at games and someone will have to pray for them after i pancake them.

His mom — My mom was on Soul Train. She was on the same episode as Rick James and the Jackson 5. She loves to show people the video when they come over. She could dance back in the day.

What he has learned from Zach — Just being able to compete against high-level teams and players. I talk to him about some things his team does when they play good teams.

On who is the alpha male during workouts — There’s not really an aggressor but Zach is really loud and likes to scream when we work out. He likes to make sure everyone knows we’re there (laughing).

On playing hoops with Zach — First thing I noticed was how huge he was standing next to other people. I don’t look as huge against other people. He’s really a post player, but I’m more of a face-up, drive guy.

Pregame meal — I have four egg whites, two packets of oatmeal, a couple cups of milk and three cups of water.

His projected position next season — Probably left tackle. A lot of coaches say I can play anywhere on the line because of my athletic ability. I want to play left tackle.

Favorite player — Phillip Rivers. He’s really underrated how he throws the ball. He’ll have 400 yards passing and people won’t even talk about it. He’s just out there to play football.

On why he wants to change his jersey number — I want to wear No. 67 because that’s the number my dad wore. He played at UW then in the NFL for the Broncos, Chargers and Bills. He played until he messed up his shoulder.

On his inspiration — My family. My dad is my biggest inspiration. My sister is a national debater. They push me to strive for greatness. My brother played WR/DB in high school and went to Gonzaga. My mom was a swimmer.

On his offers — Some of the school's I've heard from are Washington, Notre Dame, Michigan and Cal.